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How to Take Great Event Photos

We’ve put together our top tips for making sure you get great photos that capture your event well, it’s a handy guide for SWUG leaders, resellers and event organisers. Whatever event you’re planning, we hope you find them useful!

New in DriveWorks 17: Task Status Outputs

Specification Macros are one of the ways you can customize your workflow in DriveWorks. They are a series of tasks that run when triggered, based on rules. In DriveWorks 17 we added more ways to control your workflow by adding more status output navigation connection points to Specification Macro Tasks. Learn more about Task Status Outputs and how you can use them in your DriveWorks projects.

Devin Martin From TriMech Visits DriveWorks

Earlier this month, Devin Martin an Application Engineer at US reseller TriMech visited our HQ in the UK to spend time with the DriveWorks Team.

Another Successful DriveWorks Charity Bake Sale

Last week we held our annual DriveWorks Charity Bake Sale raising money for local hospice St Rocco’s and charity Bliss. We had a great day and even managed to beat our total from previous years!

Improving Your Model Generation Using Intelligent File Naming

DriveWorks Solo offers the ability to take complete control over the naming and location of your generated files. File naming is an important consideration when planning an implementation, and DriveWorks provides complete flexibility in how files are named. Learn how to use Intelligent File Naming in your DriveWorks Solo projects.

Using DriveWorks For Business Process Automation

Through automation, complex business processes are being made smarter. Organisations are driving a positive change and are already being rewarded for it. Follow our new digital transformation series as we continue to share our insights about the importance of embracing digital transformation and automation.

DriveWorks SWUGN Tour of California

We have always worked closely with the SOLIDWORKS User Group Network all over the world. We’re excited to continue to support the community and visit SOLIDWORKS User Groups across California in September. Join us on our tour!

DriveWorks Summer Party 2019

On Saturday we held our annual Summer Party. The DriveWorks team got together with friends and family for great food, homebrewed beer and DIY games! Over the past few weeks, we have been spending our lunchtimes making our own games and it was great to see them all finished and have fun playing them on Saturday!

Building Our DriveWorks Shuffleboard

Shuffleboard is a game we have played many times on our trips to the US, most recently we played it in Chicago during DriveWorks World 2019. This year we set ourselves the challenge of making our own table for the annual DriveWorks Summer Party.

Check Out Our Updated Configurator Examples!

Our product configurator examples on are a great way to see what’s possible with DriveWorks. They show how versatile and customizable DriveWorks is and provide great inspiration for your DriveWorks projects. We’ve recently added some new product configurator examples and updated some of our existing ones, check them out!

DriveWorks Solo Tech Tip: Capturing Assembly Structure

Before capturing your Master Model’s Assembly Structure inside DriveWorks Solo, you need to decide which components need to be captured, and how to capture them. The first question you should ask is, do any new models need to be created based on this component? Check out this tech tip blog to learn more.

Automation is Driving Digital Transformation

Markets are changing, and customers are expecting more from the products and services they are buying. To meet demand, manufacturers are looking to automation. Follow our new digital transformation series as we continue to share our insights about the importance of embracing digital transformation and automation.

How DriveWorks Customers are Embracing Digital Transformation

With Digital Transformation business are working smarter.  Technology, software and automation are allowing companies to focus on future opportunities and innovation. Follow our new digital transformation series as we continue to share our insights about the importance of embracing digital transformation and automation.

Creando Un Configurador De Cámaras Frigoríficas En Cuatro Pasos – De Origen

Este blog tecnico de Origen explica todo que necesita saber de crear un proyecto configurador en DriveWorks Solo. Probar DriveWorks Solo 30 días gratis!

Getting Creative for Our Annual Summer Party!

Every year the DriveWorks Team gets together for our annual summer party where we enjoy an afternoon of food, drinks, games and fun with family and friends, but this year there is a slight difference.

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