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Catching Up With Brad Meador – Star City SWUG Leader – Part 2

We recently caught up with Star City SWUG. Leader, Brad Meador It was a pleasure speaking to Brad to learn more about his role at Altec and how he Started the Star City SWUG. In this second part of the interview with Brad we will be speaking more about Start City SWUG, getting students involved in SOLIDWORKS, and his time at 3DEXPERIENCE World 2021.

Celebrating International Women in Engineering Day

The 23rd of June marks an important day for celebrating women in engineering. Thanks to the Women’s Engineering Society, today is recognised as “International Women in Engineering Day”, a day dedicated to celebrating the achievements of women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields and encouraging young women to pursue STEM career paths.

DriveWorks Learning Resources for SOLIDWORKS User Groups

In addition to the virtual SOLIDWORKS User Group meetings, we wanted to take this opportunity to share with you some free online technical resources available for you to use or share with your SOLIDWORKS User Group members.

Catching Up With Brad Meador – Star City SWUG Leader – Part 1

We recently caught up with Star City SWUG. Leader, Brad Meador It was a pleasure speaking to Brad to learn more about his role at Altec and how he Started the Star City SWUG. Stay tuned for Part 2 of our interview with Brad where we will be speaking more about Start City SWUG, getting students involved in SOLIDWORKS and 3DEXPERIENCE World 2021.

Monmouth Scientific Use 3D to Enhance User Experience

Monmouth Scientific specialise in Filtration and Ducted Fume Cabinets installations. Monmouth Scientific’s end goal with DriveWorks was to have a clean room configurator that would enable the customer, assisted by the sales team, to design their own bespoke clean room. Introducing the 3D configurator has saved both the sales team and design team a lot of time in the design-to-order process. Now they can have a 3D image for every quote and they can interactively work through the layout with the client.

Catching Up With Our Community

We have been busy catching up with lots of different people from all corners of the SOLIDWORKS Community over the past few months. It’s been great to learn more about the different career paths that have led members of the community to being such a key part of the network. Catch up on any blogs you may have missed.

How We’re Making Our Offices Safer Ready to Welcome Everyone Back

After what has been a surreal year, we are excited to start welcoming our team back to DriveWorks HQ. Some of the DriveWorks team are already back in the office, but we’re returning in stages to keep each other safe. We’ve been working to make sure our offices are a safe and secure place for everyone.

DriveWorks Drivers June 17th Meeting Agenda

DriveWorks Drivers aims to connect DriveWorks Users from around the world, invite guest speakers to share experiences and encourage questions and dialogue about the technology. Sharing technical know-how and practical experience informally with each other is something we know many people using DriveWorks like to do. We will be hosting the next meetings on Thursday, 17th June at 3pm and 9pm (BST) so feel free to join us at whichever time suits you best! Here’s what you can expect from the next meeting.

Catching up with Sean Borchert, Mechanical Engineer at Masterflex®

During virtual DriveWorks World, we heard from a variety of companies who are using DriveWorks. Many people shared their experience and the many different ways they use DriveWorks. We had a chance to speak Sean Borchert, Mechanical Engineer at Masterflex®. After meeting Sean and learning more about him, we invited Sean to share his story as to how DriveWorks has played a role in his professional career.

The DriveWorks Learning Portal – New Courses Added!

As part of the new DriveWorks Community, we have created an entirely new DriveWorks Learning Portal. The Learning Portal offers a whole host of DriveWorks training courses and resources for you to access at any time. We’ve now made the technical learning sessions created for DriveWorks World 2021 available to all DriveWorks Pro Customers with an active subscription, DriveWorks resellers and partners.

Catching up with Eric Beatty – Part 2

We recently caught up with Eric where he shared with us a bit more about his background, his education and how he started the Seattle Area SOLIDWORKS Power User Group. In part two, Eric talks more about his times at SOLIDWORKS World/3DEXPERIENCE World, his favourite thing about the SOLIDWORKS Community and what he sees for the future of SOLIDWORKS User Group Meetings.

Growth of the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing growth gathered pace in April as production increased for the 11th consecutive month, seeing a further acceleration of expansion in the UK manufacturing sector. According to a recent press release from the Institue of Export and International Trade, the UK manufacturing sector is growing at the fastest pace in a decade as inflows of new business from both domestic and overseas markets strengthened.

Supporting Export and Trade

In 2020, DriveWorks VP and CO-Founder, Maria Sarkar was appointed Northern Powerhouse Export Champion for 2020. A year on and Maria is maintaining her role as Export Champion and has been attending monthly meetings with other Export Champions. In the latest meeting, the Export Champions were introduced to the Department for International Trade Director General, Andrew Mitchell.

What’s New in DriveWorks 19 Discussion Session with Glen Smith

On Thursday 27th May, our CEO Glen Smith will be holding a live discussion session about our latest release, DriveWorks 19. Glen will be hosting a virtual round table session to discuss this latest release and answer your questions. This session will be held at 4pm (BST) via Microsoft Teams for DriveWorks customers on subscription support and DriveWorks resellers.

Registration Now Open for DriveWorks Drivers

Registration for the next DriveWorks Drivers meeting is open! Join us for the next DriveWorks Drivers virtual networking meeting on Thursday 17th June at 3:00 pm (BST) and 9:00 pm (BST).

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