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Saving Time and Focusing on Important Tasks With DriveWorksXpress

Oasis trailers are using DriveWorksXpress to speed up the design of their custom trailers. Before DriveWorksXpress this would be 20 minutes of repetitive work. Using DriveWorksXpress, free inside SOLIDWORKS, they have cut this time down to just 5 minutes at most.

DriveWorks Feature on InPOD by InFlow Podcast

Every Wednesday, Nick Sweeney, Pre Sales, Application Engineer at InFlow-Technology releases a new InPOD by InFlow podcast. Each podcast Nick is joined by special guests to discuss all the different products that InFlow offers and supports. In this week’s podcast, host Nick is joined by DriveWorks Senior Technical Specialist, Tom Wormald to talk all things DriveWorks!

DriveWorks Welcomes 6 New Resellers

DriveWorks is sold worldwide and supported locally by authorized and certified DriveWorks resellers, on your time zone. Were really pleased to announce that we have 6 new resellers joining us to sell and support DriveWorks!

DriveWorks Glen Smith Right to Repair Feature in DEVELOP3D Magazine

In this month’s DEVELOP 3D magazine, DriveWorks CEO Glen Smith, talks about the importance of having the right to repair, repurpose and recycle products. Glen discusses the importance of technology advancing and the fact that ‘new’ doesn’t always mean better. Sharing stories of his love for repairing and restoring, Glen looks at how things have changed and how we can still innovate new technology by building on what is already there.

HSI Cranes – Scaling Up From DriveWorks Solo to DriveWorks Pro

After purchasing DriveWorks Solo, HSI Cranes created their first project and soon realized they wanted to create a customer-facing online tool, and therefore upgraded to DriveWorks Pro. End users are so happy and HSI are able to make the most of their new sales tool. The company already have plans to expand and improve their project further.

One Year On From Receiving Our Double Queen’s Awards

This month marks one year since we received our double Queens Awards. We couldnt have predicted the year that would unfold following receiving our Queens Awards but our commitments to innovation and international trade, recognised by our Queens Awards, have helped us to remain strong and efficient throughout this pandemic. Lets take a look back at whats happened in the past year.

Custom Bi-Fold Door Configurator – DriveWorks Pro Example

The global pandemic has led to fewer face to face meetings, making 3D visualization and online configuration essential commercial tools for manufacturers of custom or customizable products. Explore our example custom Bi-Fold Door configurator to see how you can use DriveWorks and the power of 3D for online sales and digital manufacturing.

DriveWorksXpress – Not Just for Complete Products

DriveWorksXpress allows you to automate any part of your SOLIDWORKS design, giving you the flexibility to automate time-consuming and repetitive tasks, simplifying your design process, and enabling you to use your time more efficiently. Activate your free license of DriveWorksXpress, inside the SOLIDWORKS Tools Menu.

IMA PG Speed Up Design Process and Reduce Costly Errors Using DriveWorks Pro

IMA PG is a leading pioneer in packaging solutions in India. Since installing DriveWorks, their design time has reduced from 4 days to just one day. Costly manufacturing errors have also reduced significantly, and IMA PG are now at 80% drawing accuracy across their product line.

Our Role Supporting Export and Trade

We are huge advocates for anything digital and the ability for UK companies to bring wealth and business back to the UK through export. We work hard to ensure our software is easy to use and can be supported no matter where you are in the world.

FIRST速 Robotics – Developing Skills and Learning From Home

FIRST速 is committed to continuing their efforts to provide students with the skills and confidence they need to change the world today and tomorrow. To help prepare young people for the future, FIRST速 has created a global robotics community online, where students can continue to explore, learn and share during this time.

Technology Brings Communities Together

At DriveWorks, we share in a strong sense of what it means to support and engage with the community. Our goal when it comes to the community is to connect users, support education and share knowledge. We have been watching, learning, and implementing new ways for our team to support these areas in a virtual environment and its been exciting to see what opportunities are available.

How COVID-19 has Accelerated Digital Transformation

We have seen that COVID-19 has dramatically sped up digital transformation and not just in the manufacturing industry. With the world changing at an unprecedented speed, we see a tangible transformation taking place with technology at its centre. Moving into this new era, it’s clear that digital transformation is no longer just a nice to have.

Creating a Custom Agricultural Silo Configurator with DriveWorks Solo

Tom, a Product Design placement student at DriveWorks was tasked with creating a configurator for a custom agricultural silo, using DriveWorks Solo inside SOLIDWORKS. In this blog, Tom summarizes what he did, how he did it and the things he learnt along the way.

DriveWorks Glen Smith Opportunity for Learning Feature in DEVELOP3D Magazine

In this month’s DEVELOP 3D magazine, DriveWorks CEO Glen Smith, talks about the importance of learning new skills and keeping your knowledge up to date along with all the opportunities for learning during the global pandemic.

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