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Our latest research and insights on the manufacturing industry

2 Minute Read

Benefits of Integrating CPQ for Manufacturing and PLM

Integrating PLM and CPQ systems offers a range of benefits that can transform product development and sales processes for custom products.

3 Minute Read

What is Engineer to Order (ETO) Manufacturing

Engineer to Order (ETO) is a manufacturing process where products are designed, engineered, and produced specifically to meet the unique requirements of individual customers.

3 Minute Read

The Ultimate CPQ FAQ Guide

In this article, we’ll answer your most frequently asked questions and provide insights on CPQ that will enable you to make informed decisions for your business.

4 Minute Read

3D Visualization for Complex Configurable Products

Explore what 3D visualization is and how it can be used to support salespeople, improve customer experience, and streamline processes in companies selling complex configurable products.

3 Minute Read

Guided Selling for Complex Configurable Products

This article explains the challenges of selling complex configurable products and looks at some of the tools and technologies you can use to overcome them.

3 Minute Read

Digital Transformation for Manufacturers

Digital tools are transforming the way manufacturers operate. In this article, well look at ways manufacturing companies selling configurable products can use digital tools and the benefits they offer.

42 Minute Read

The Ultimate Guide to SOLIDWORKS Configurations

In this article, we delve into everything configuration-related in SOLIDWORKS. From the basics concepts and use cases for SOLIDWORKS configurations, all the way through to the details of how to design your models and even drawings to account for the configurations.

5 Minute Read

How to Automate SOLIDWORKS Using the API and Macros in 5 Steps

In this article, youll gain an understanding of the SOLIDWORKS API and learn how to create your own SOLIDWORKS macro.

8 Minute Read

How to Build a Product Configurator: Planning, Design & UX

Get started with project planning, designing your product configurator, and the user experience (UX).

9 Minute Read

How to Build a Product Configurator: Choosing Technology

In this article, we look at the key technologies needed to build a product configurator and the different implementation methods available.

3 Minute Read

What is CPQ for Manufacturing?

Configure, price, quote (CPQ) for manufacturing software provides manufacturers with the tools to accurately and efficiently sell and manufacture custom products.

4 Minute Read

What is Design Automation?

Design automation tools enable you to capture and reuse design, manufacturing, and cost estimation knowledge to deliver custom products faster and with greater accuracy.