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Setup and manage your automation and configurator project with DriveWorks Administrator and the SOLIDWORKS Add-in.

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Powerful design automation made easy

There are many ways you can grow your business – sell more, cut costs, save time, innovate, or diversify to name a few.

DriveWorks Pro enables you to achieve all of these and more by streamlining repetitive, time consuming tasks and leaving you more time to focus on improving product quality, adding value, increasing throughput, and winning more business.

Add an online sales configurator and you can expand your business globally to reach more customers, faster than ever before. Achieving these goals is not as difficult as you might think. With a relatively small initial investment in time, you can implement DriveWorks Pro across many areas of your business, capture the experience and know-how of your best employees and use that knowledge to automate your existing processes, drive down costs, and increase profits.

DriveWorks Administrator is the core module of DriveWorks Pro where you configure, test, run, and control user access to your design automation projects. With an easy to use interface, process-oriented workflow, and built-in templates to get you started, DriveWorks Administrator simplifies your design automation tasks and gets you up and running in no time.

Simple to set up and manage

Author, manage, test, run, and control user access to your design automation projects.

Guided selling

Create interactive and responsive input forms with 3D preview and database query controls.

Automatically create documents

Create documents in many common file formats.

Integrate with company systems and data

Connect to external systems and data sources.

Workflow management

Manage what happens and when with DriveWorks Specification Flow.

The process of creating drawings, submitting documents and releasing to the shop floor has gone from six days to two hours

Sukhbir Singh – Fresno Valves & Castings

Key features

Capturing knowledge and design intent

Automating the creation of 3D models and 2D drawings is simple and straightforward using the DriveWorks add-in inside the task pane of your SOLIDWORKS® 3D CAD software, where you can capture all the dimensions, features, components, custom properties, and drawings you want to drive.

Inside DriveWorks Administrator, you can then build dynamic, data-driven input forms to gather the values you need to drive your designs, and create variables and design rules to drive all your captured design data using simple Excel®-style equation syntax that many engineers are already familiar with – no programming skills or consultants required.

Manage workflow with Specification Flow

Not all products can be automated 100% – some may require additional engineering input or may need to be checked and approved before final release. The Specification Flow feature in DriveWorks Administrator is perfect for these situations.

When a certain task is complete or a certain condition is met, you can set up your Specification Flow to notify your engineers, email documents and quotes, or pause until checked and approved, helping you to manage both your manual processes and your automatic ones.

Connecting with other business systems

With DriveWorks Administrator you can easily share data with your existing business systems, such as CRM, ERP and PDM, and use that data to drive your design automation projects, making it easy to manage pricing, discounts, inventory levels, and delivery schedules, helping you to reduce costs, protect margins, and forecast and plan more accurately

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