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Development Team

Development Team

Innovative, Robust, Obvious

  • Developing innovative software with quality code and rigorous code reviews
  • Improving our software and technology, maintaining quality
  • Continuous learning, research and knowledge share

IT Team

Underpinning Success

  • Implementing and maintaining sturdy, reliable systems
  • Ensuring continuous uptime across all sites and systems
  • Preparing, planning and assisting entire DriveWorks team
IT Team
Operations Team

Operations Team

Execution Beyond Expectation

  • Assisting our resellers, customers and visitors
  • Taking care of DriveWorks offices and teams
  • Ensuring the smooth running of the entire company

Sales & Marketing Team

Spinning Plates, Connecting Dots, Achieving Targets

  • Supporting DriveWorks Resellers and customers worldwide
  • Attending events, promoting our software and building relationships
  • Listening & learning. Sharing knowledge about our industry, market trends and customer needs
Sales & Marketing Team
Systems Teams

Systems Teams

Automate Everything

  • Making every team at DriveWorks more efficient
  • Automating our own business processes
  • Developing systems and technology to help our customers automate more

Technical Team

Helping Others to Help Themselves

  • Using technical and engineering knowledge to support our worldwide user base
  • Defining what new functionality goes into our software then ensuring it meets our high quality standards
  • Creating technology showcases to demonstrate how DriveWorks solves common engineering problems
Technical Team

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