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Concepts. The Form Designer.

A product configurator needs to be obvious, intuitive and provide guided selling.

There may be a lot of information to enter and choices to be made; information such as product style, material, colors, size, as well as contact details and delivery address. It is all data that needs to be recorded accurately and acted upon, so you can configure, quote and manufacture.

This can be all done using the DriveWorks form designer.


The DriveWorks form designer makes it very easy to create forms and appealing interfaces for entering product requirements.

Forms in DriveWorks can be a single, simple linear form – DriveWorksXpress, or a visually rich and highly interactive user interface – DriveWorks Pro.


Decide what information you want to gather on your form, then add the controls you need. A wide range of controls can be picked and placed easily on to your design window. These include option buttons, drop down menus, picture boxes and much more. Use the alignment tools to position them just where you want them and control the font type, color and size to reflect your company’s branding.


To use DriveWorks as a configurator you then simply need to map rules from your form to the output types you want to create.

These rules are easy to create as they are based on your selections. For example, if the country entered for the address is in the US, then use Dollars as the currency, otherwise use Euros.


Once your form design is complete and you have built your rules, you are ready to fill out your form and configure the products and product variants you need.

You can generate a whole host of documents, such as quotes, drawings and bills of materials, automatically with DriveWorks. You can even set up rules to decide who can see what, when they configure the different documents, what is done with them and where they are saved.

Using the Form Designer

The DriveWorks form designer is where you decide what you want to show on each of your forms. It provides you with a great deal of flexibility with layout and styling.

Customizable forms greatly enhance the user experience, and help ensure that the configurator can be used by sales or non-technical people as well as engineering. The inclusion of graphics as well as guidance messages and feedback on the forms, ensures valid selections are made when entering details.

DriveWorks Solo and DriveWorks Pro have a variety of form controls that can be easily incorporated in to your form/user interface. The behaviour of every form control and even the form navigation, can be controlled by rules so you have a great deal of flexibility over what people see in the configurator and can guide them on the path they take.

You can read more about the DriveWorks Form Designer functionality in the DriveWorks Pro Online Documentation.

Screenshot Tour

Select a screen below to see how your DriveWorks forms can be customised to match your branding and how you can make use of the different functionalities in DriveWorks.

DriveWorks Pro

From DriveWorksXpress, to Solo, to Pro

DriveWorksXpress Form in the SOLIDWORKS Task Pane

Examples of DriveWorks Solo Forms in the SOLIDWORKS Task Pane

DriveWorks Pro form set up for use in a browser

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