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Why DriveWorks


Integrate DriveWorks with your company systems

Bidirectional Data Transfer

Bidirectional Data Transfer

Eliminate errors introduced during data input and transfer by integrating DriveWorks with your company systems.

Universal Integration

Universal Integration

Communicate with any system using our native Microsoft SQL integration, ODBC drivers or through the DriveWorks API.

Web Services

Web Services

Communicate with web services, such as your CRM system, logistics partners, ERP system and more without custom code.

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Powerful features for full company system integration



DriveWorks can read and write data from any database with an ODBC driver as well as reading data natively from Microsoft SQL Server.

  • Data can be anything from a single value to a whole database table
  • The powerful DriveWorks rules-engine can sort, filter and process imported data
  • Data can be inserted, updated or deleted based on rules

Static Files

DriveWorks can import and export data from files from a range of file formats.

  • Import data from files and upload data to DriveWorks using the Upload Control
  • Export to text based files as well as integration with Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Trigger actions in your workflow using configurable DriveWorks Connectors
Static Files
Web Services

Web Services

Send and receive data from DriveWorks using web services.

  • Integrate DriveWorks with your CRM system, retrieve live information from logistics partners and update your ERP system and more
  • Send specifications directly to DriveWorks for automatic processing of sales and manufacturing data
  • Simple setup using DriveWorks PowerPacks. No custom code is required.


Add features and specialized functionality with the DriveWorks with PowerPacks.

  • Easily communicate with Syspro and Salesforce
  • Automatically generate g-code and manufacturing data for SOLIDWORKS CAM
  • Process payments with PayPal


DriveWorks is built on its own fully documented API. This makes it easy to integrate DriveWorks with any of your company systems.

  • You can write code using the DriveWorks API in either Visual Basic .NET or C#
  • Examples of code written against the DriveWorks API on the DriveWorks GitHub site
  • Our SDK includes documentation as well as Visual Studio Templates

DriveWorks Technology

Take a look under the hood at the other powerful technology inside DriveWorks software to learn how you can build a solution that suits your business needs.

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