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Automate SOLIDWORKS manufacturing data and guide users to the correct buying decision with intelligent DriveWorks rules


Rules can be equations, sums and logical expressions, or even business logic, legislation and product requirements

Completely Custom

Build custom rules to automatically complete tasks, create sales documents and generate manufacturing data.

Intelligent Guided Selling

Define your design knowledge and product requirements with rules to guide users to the correct buying decision.

Save Time, Eliminate Errors

DriveWorks rules-based automation delivers accurate and repeatable results, saving time and eliminating errors.

Explore DriveWorks technology with interactive online demos


Define your design knowledge and product requirements with rules

Rules Builder

Syntax highlighting, helpers and diagnostic tools to make building rules simple and quick.

  • Syntax highlighting and Rules Insight make building and understanding rules simple
  • Quickly validate your rules with real-time help and diagnostic tools
  • Intuitive UI and content browser


DriveWorks includes over 260 powerfulfunctions.

  • Searchable library of math, text, table, logic, list, cryptography, conversion, validation, file system and date/time functions
  • Function wizards make building rules simple
  • Familiar Excel style syntax

Rule Profiler

Optimize projects with debugging and performance insight features.

  • Examine what values contribute to the rule results
  • Analyzethe time taken toperformeach calculation
  • Quickly identify areas for optimization

DriveWorks Technology

Take a look under the hood at the other powerful technology inside DriveWorks software to learn how you can build a solution that suits your business needs.