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Concepts. Rules.

If you can define your design knowledge and intent as rules, these rules can then be used to make relevant decisions and perform actions.

Rules are a great way of telling a computer how to work something out. Computers can perform repetitive and mundane tasks so we don’t have to, and this forms the basis for automation.

“DriveWorks is proven technology that lets you automate your design and sales processes.  DriveWorks software is used worldwide by many companies to configure Same but Different products.  Generate accurate design, manufacturing and sales documents quickly and easily”

Harness the power of the DriveWorks Rules Engine to automate your tasks.

Rules can be based on:

  • A mathematical formula
  • A conditional or logical statement
  • The stringing together of lots of text
  • Looking up a value in a table of data

By creating enough of these rules and linking them together, you can use them to configure and automate your designs.


You can use the powerful DriveWorks Rules Engine in many different ways.

It can be used to send out a quote quickly in response to a sales enquiry, or perhaps by a Design Engineer who needs to create a new or custom variation of a product.

When the product design or know how is captured in to DriveWorks, the data required to create the new version can be generated quickly and accurately and passed seamlessly from sales, to engineering and then to manufacturing.

Rules can be expressed as simple actions, complex calculations or a series of instructions. With DriveWorks, you harness the power of the Rules Engine to automate tasks in a way that best suits your products.

Rules used in DriveWorks can be equations, sums and logical expressions, or even business logic, legislation and product requirements. For example, rules in DriveWorks could be based on the following statements:

  • We use a central support if the length of the conveyor is greater than 3 metres
  • We always have a 1/4 inch gap around the door frame, unless the frame is over 4ft wide, in which case the gap is increased to 5/16th of an inch.
  • Customers with a delivery address in the United States are charged in US Dollars, and those in the European Union are invoiced in Euros.

Ease of Use

You don’t need to be a programmer to use the DriveWorks Rules Builder.

From the outset we have wanted to make automation easy and accessible for everyone. Our development team have done the programming in the background so you don’t have to.

Since its first conception in 2001, the DriveWorks Rules Engine and the way in which you interact with it has been honed and refined.

Whether you are setting up a project using DriveWorksXpress, DriveWorks Solo or DriveWorks Pro Administrator you will find many wizards, short-cuts and integrated help to guide you.

Typically we have found that if you know your company’s products well, then you are the best person to set up your DriveWorks Project.

You can read more about using the DriveWorks Pro Rules Editor in our online documentation.

Try our Online Sales Configurator.

Want to see some examples of rules in action?  Have a go at configuring your own products on  You can check out several sample projects with rules in the background that guide you through filling out the forms, making sure you enter valid data and helping you to select what you need from the options available.

Enter your email when prompted – the rules will make sure you are sent a range of documents such as a quote, drawing or BOM for each example – automatically!

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