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Quality Management

Over 1500 customers worldwide trust DriveWorks software in business-critical processes. We take this responsibility seriously and employ strict quality control and quality assurance measures to ensure our software is robust and reliable.

Development Process

Coding standards and peer reviews ensure that every line of code in DriveWorks meets strict requirements.

  • Peer reviews ensure code meets standards and best practices
  • Automatic testing validates every code check in
  • Agile development promotes quality and the development of functioning solutions

Automated Testing

Over 15000 automatic test are conducted on every release of DriveWorks software.

  • Over 1Tb of SOLIDWORKS data is generated each week
  • Algorithms automatically check accuracy and consistency of generated SOLIDWORKS parts, assemblies and drawings
  • Tests are performed on every supported combination of Windows, SOLIDWORKS and DriveWorks

Manual Testing

Our experienced Technical Team conduct extensive manual testing throughout the development phase and on every release of DriveWorks.

  • Every new feature added to DriveWorks undergoes usability, performance and reliability testing
  • DriveWorks is manually tested on every supported version of Windows, SOLIDWORKS and across popular web browsers
  • Team members use the latest version of DriveWorks for internal projects

Release Process

Every version of DriveWorks goes through a rigorous testing process before being signed off for release.

  • DriveWorks has an annual release cycle, with two service packs
  • Every customer downloads the same software, standardising quality and ensuring testing
  • The online help files are updated to include new features and updates

Internal Projects

Ordering our own branded clothing, booking holiday and generating license certificates for customers are just some of the ways we use DriveWorks to automate our business. This isn’t just a great way to work efficiently. Using DriveWorks internally tests the software in real world applications and overcoming challenges drives innovation and development.


DriveWorks have been automating SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD since 2001 and first became a SOLIDWORKS Certified Gold Partner in 2002. DriveWorksXpress, DriveWorks Solo and DriveWorks Pro are all SOLIDWORKS Gold Partner products. As a Certified SOLIDWORKS Gold Product, DriveWorks represents the highest level of integration with SOLIDWORKS software and requires an ongoing partnership with Dassault Syst竪mes SOLIDWORKS.

More information on achieving and maintaining SOLIDWORKS Gold Product status can be found on the SOLIDWORS Certified Gold Product website.

Microsoft Application Development Partner

Our Microsoft Silver membership demonstrates a consistent capability, expertise, and commitment to delivering quality solutions. Becoming a Silver Microsoft Partner involved research, exams, product testing and references from customers.


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