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Enable sales teams, distributors, dealers, and customers to configure and view your products in 3D on any device in their web browser.

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Unleash the power of design automation

Now that you’ve automated many of your upfront sales and engineering processes with DriveWorks, sales are up, costs are down, products are being delivered ahead of schedule and your customers are delighted. So where next?

With over 90% of businesses and consumers now researching products online before making a buying decision, and with a growing number of those seeking custom, bespoke or personalized products, the internet has become your new storefront – take advantage of it with DriveWorks Live. Showcasing your entire range of product options online enables your customers to configure their product selection, get instant quotes, accurate delivery dates, and even place their orders with little or no input from sales.

Making your products easy to buy, as well as easy to sell, helps you build closer relationships with your customers, develop brand loyalty, and positively impact the entire sales process and the way you deliver products to market. DriveWorks Live gives you a true global presence, helping you to reach more customers, faster than ever before.

Configure on any device, anywhere

Enables engineers, sales teams, distributors, dealers, and customers to configure custom products in a browser on any device.

No additional setup is required

Reuse your existing design automation projects.

Integrate into your website

Integrate into your existing company website.

Integrate with company systems and data

Ensure users have the information needed to make choices and configure products accurately.

Automatically generate documents and data

Automatically generate custom documents and data for sales and manufacturing when paired with DriveWorks Autopilot.

Our customers can now see their products in 3D – this gives us a real competitive edge and we are manufacturing four times as many elevators

Neil Dowse – Bramptons

Key features

Anytime, anywhere, on any device

DriveWorks was engineered from the ground up to be modular, flexible, and scalable to the web.

Using DriveWorks Live, no additional effort, web programming skills or consultants are required to transform your existing design automation projects into online sales configurators, enabling your sales teams, distributors, dealers, and customers to easily configure and view your products in 3D on any device with a modern web browser.

Minimum effort, maximum benefit

With all your experience and knowledge already built in, an online sales configurator guides your customers to the correct buying decision based on their budgets and needs, ensures that products can be manufactured economically, and quotes a price that is both competitive and profitable.

Using this guided selling approach also helps you to identify opportunities to promote higher value products and develop other revenue streams such as aftermarket service packages, add-ons, and warranties.

Access the data you need, when you need it

As with all DriveWorks projects, you control who can access your data, so you can choose to make certain products or promotions only available direct or through dealers, or control pricing based on geographic region.

DriveWorks Live also enables changes to new product options, pricing, promotions, and marketing materials to be distributed instantly, so everybody sees accurate, up-to-date information at all times.

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