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Create an automated workflow that follows your company processes and security procedures with DriveWorks Specification Flow.


Customizable workflows give you complete control

Powerful Security

Control who can configure products, approve designs and send data to manufacturing with security settings.

Task Processing

Create documents and data at the right time with control over when tasks are processed.

Streamline Processes

Notify relevant users at each stage of the workflow and provide the data they need to execute their tasks.

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Determine who can do what and when

Intuitive Visual Editor

Customize your workflow and arrange tasks easily using the intuitive visual editors.

  • Customize the actions on each state
  • Choose what will be created from a specification and when it will happen
  • Set up conditions for a complete, intelligent workflow

Security & Permissions

Powerful security features make managing user permissions simple.

  • Decide which Users or Teams have permission to perform specific actions in the workflow
  • Dynamically add, edit and delete users
  • Change UI visibility and behaviour based on user permissions

Task Processing

You have complete control over what tasks are completed, and when.

  • Toolboxof predefined tasks that can be triggered at anytime
  • Automatically send sales documentation and order updates
  • Only generate manufacturing data after approval

DriveWorks Technology

Take a look under the hood at the other powerful technology inside DriveWorks software to learn how you can build a solution that suits your business needs.