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Configure complex products inside Salesforce

Accurately configure, price, and quote complex engineer-to-order products inside Salesforce

Guided selling

Guided selling enables sales teams to configure complex products without the need for deep technical product knowledge, all without leaving Salesforce.

Visualize in 3D

Accelerate decision-making by helping customers understand options with accurate 3D visualizations.

Automatic document creation

Save time and improve quality by automatically creating documents for sales and manufacturing.

Guided selling

Guided selling tools enable users to accurately configure custom products, calculate pricing and discounts, and automatically create sales documents from within Salesforce.

  • Guide users to only make valid configuration choices. Provide users with information about compatibility issues, and suggest suitable alternatives.
  • Centralize the decisions, information, and experience your team uses to configure products using rules.
  • Empower salespeople to confidently configure complex products, even when they don’t have extensive product knowledge.
  • Automatically identify and suggest valid upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Visualize product configurations

Products can be visualized in 2D, 3D, and AR to aid customer understanding and accelerate decision-making.

  • Communicate complex product details easily with interactive 3D and immersive Virtual Reality (VR).
  • View models from multiple angles using cameras and use motion to increase realism and focus user attention
  • Apply effects and appearances for enhanced realism

Automatically create sales documents and manufacturing data

Remove sales pipeline blockages by automatically creating all the documents and data required by sales and manufacturing.

  • Maintain sales momentum and win more orders by quickly responding to inquiries with order-specific sales documents and manufacturing data.
  • Stop wasting time manually creating documents and manufacturing drawings for speculative orders.
  • Reduce errors by automating processes and minimizing manual data handling.

Integration with other company systems

Extend Salesforce to be your single source of truth across sales, engineering, and manufacturing by leveraging DriveWorks integration technology.

  • Integrate DriveWorks with systems across your organization to centralize information and improve visibility
  • Multiple integration methods make integrating with other company systems simple, without needing complex code
  • Eliminate errors introduced during data input and transfer with bi-directional data sharing

Empower your dealers and distributors while maintaining control

Allow dealers and distributors to embed your configurator within their Salesforce account.

  • Provide personalized pricing, discounts, and order management for individual dealers and distributors.
  • Share up-to-date product information from your internal systems to support sales.
  • Gain visibility of opportunities and orders from across your dealer and distributor network.
  • Control who can view information and perform actions with security management tools.

Powerful integration, simple implementation

DriveWorks integrates seamlessly with Salesforce without the need for complex code using the Visualforce framework

Seamless integration

DriveWorks integrates seamlessly with Salesforce without the need for complex code using the Visualforce framework.

Pre-built tasks

Use pre-built tasks to automatically share data between DriveWorks, Salesforce, and other company systems.

Workflow control

Trigger actions in DriveWorks and other connected systems as orders move through the Salesforce workflow.

Embedded in Salesforce

Seamlessly integrate advanced tools for configuring complex custom products inside Salesforce.

  • Embed DriveWorks inside Salesforce using the Visualforce framework
  • Trigger events based on other tasks and interactions
  • Set up approval states, error tracking, and automatic status reports

PowerPack tasks

Integrate with Salesforce quickly and easily using prebuilt tasks, no custom code is required.

  • Ready-built integrations for key processes in Salesforce reduce implementation time and cost
  • Code-free integration with low maintenance
  • Quickly make updates in-house without scheduling time with specialized developers

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