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Expand your knowledge and demonstrate your expertise with DriveWorks certifications

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DriveWorks certifications

Boost your design automation and SOLIDWORKS skills with DriveWorks certifications


Improve your SOLIDWORKS skills and design automation knowledge with the DriveWorksXpress certification.

DriveWorks Solo

Take your design automation and SOLIDWORKS skills to the next level with the DriveWorks Solo certification.

DriveWorks Pro

Available to DriveWorks resellers and DriveWorks Pro customers with an active subscription.

Benefits of DriveWorks certifications

Measure your knowledge, benchmark skills and achieve more

User benefits

Show companies you have the skills and knowledge to save time, improve quality and drive innovation with DriveWorks certifications.

  • Professional development
  • Recognition
  • Career advancement

Company benefits

Make the most of your DriveWorks software by developing user skills and knowledge with DriveWorks certifications.

  • Discover unused DriveWorks functionality
  • Invest in key people
  • Maximize ROI