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Overcoming industry challenges

Customization demands

One of the biggest challenges for trailer and truck manufacturers in the transportation industry is meeting each customers unique specifications. Frequent customization requests can complicate the manufacturing process, making it hard to keep up with demand and maintain quality standards.

How DriveWorks helps

Configurable truck and trailer designs: DriveWorks custom 3D configurators enable the creation of configurable designs for trucks and trailers, allowing transportation manufacturers to automate the adaptation of components such as chassis length, cargo configurations, and specialized features based on customer requirements.

Dynamic rules for custom features: Trailer and truck manufacturers can set up dynamic rules within DriveWorks to handle customization requests, ensuring that each truck or trailer is tailored to the unique specifications of the customer without compromising quality or consistency.

Material cost and resource optimization

This is especially true for trailers, trucks, and associated equipment & accessories with specialized features that require unique materials. Inefficient use of materials can drive up costs and impact sales and revenue.

How DriveWorks helps

Intelligent material selection: DriveWorks enables rules-based selection of materials according to the specific requirements of truck and trailer components. This helps optimize material usage, reduce waste, and control costs.

Automated Bill of Materials (BOM): DriveWorks CPQ for Manufacturing automates the creation of detailed BOMs for each customized transportation design, streamlining the procurement process and allowing for better resource planning.

Safety standards

Ensuring safety compliance is an integral part of assembling trucks and trailers. With numerous safety regulations expected from vehicle manufacturers, compliance management can be expensive and require additional resources.

How DriveWorks helps

Regulatory compliance checks: DriveWorks enables the integration of safety standards and regulatory requirements directly into the design process, ensuring that each truck or trailer configuration adheres to the necessary safety guidelines.

Automated compliance documentation: DriveWorks automates the generation of compliance documentation, making it easier for manufacturers in the truck and trailer industry to demonstrate adherence to safety standards during audits and inspections.

Efficiency and productivity

Streamlining inefficient manufacturing processes and maximizing sales is a key challenge for transportation manufacturers operating in a competitive market.

How DriveWorks helps

Design automation for SOLIDWORKS: DriveWorks enables transportation manufacturers to save time and boost product quality by automatically creating accurate SOLIDWORKS manufacturing drawings. Using DriveWorks enables transportation manufacturers to capture and reuse design, manufacturing, and cost estimation knowledge to deliver customized vehicles and trailers faster and with greater accuracy.

Quick turnaround for quotes and proposals: A DriveWorks CPQ solution enables trailer and truck manufacturers to rapidly generate quotes and proposals based on customer inputs, allowing them to respond promptly to inquiries and secure orders more efficiently.


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