Configure, sell, design, and manufacture custom products faster

DriveWorks technology enables you to accurately configure custom products, calculate pricing, and automatically create documents and data for sales and manufacturing

Automatically create order-specific SOLIDWORKS® parts, assemblies, and drawings.

Use guided selling and 3D visualizations to help users configure complex custom products accurately.

Configure, price, and quote complex custom products on any device, anywhere.

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What is DriveWorks?

DriveWorks software is used by companies to build their own design automation and online 3D sales configurator solution.

Enable engineers, sales teams, distributors, and customers to design, engineer, and configure to order, on any device.

DriveWorks automates the creation of order-specific sales documents and SOLIDWORKS® manufacturing data.

Reduce repetitive tasks, eliminate errors, increase sales, and deliver custom products in record time.

DriveWorks configurator software is the ultimate choice in SOLIDWORKS® design automation and 3D CPQ for manufacturing.

“It’s a huge advantage if you can manage design, configuration, automation, and sales in one application”

Thorsten Winkelmann, Area Sales Manager at ERHARDT Markisenbau GmbH

DriveWorks is trusted by manufacturers large and small around the world

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SOLIDWORKS® design automation and product configurator software


DriveWorksXpress entry-level design automation is included free in every seat of SOLIDWORKS®. Upscale to DriveWorks Solo or DriveWorks Pro anytime.

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Complete SOLIDWORKS® automation and online 3D CPQ configurator software. Try one of our configurator examples now.

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