Technical support

If you need technical support, DriveWorks and our resellers around the world are here to help you

Technical support

DriveWorks is supported by our worldwide network of authorized resellers, trained and supported by the DriveWorks technical team


Technical support for customers is provided by our worldwide network of authorized DriveWorks resellers. Find your nearest DriveWorks reseller for support in your time zone.


Resellers can escalate support tickets to the DriveWorks technical team. Resellers can open a new case by emailing

Online help file

The online help files contain information on every aspect of DriveWorks. DriveWorksXpress help, DriveWorks Solo help, DriveWorks Pro help

How to get help

Customers with an active subscription should contact their reseller for technical support, who are in turn supported by DriveWorks.

Resellers requiring support should open a new case by emailing with detailed investigation notes, environment information, and customer details.

Step 1: troubleshooting and learning

Utilize the reporting tools in DriveWorks to investigate the issue and troubleshoot. Find answers to most questions using the online help and learning resources.

Step 2: prepare information to send

Log the troubleshooting steps you’ve completed, software versions, and the environment details. Sending detailed information helps us resolve your support case faster.

Step 3: submit a support request

Email making sure to include customer information, software information with versions, and your detailed troubleshooting notes.

Learning resources

Our resources are part of our commitment to helping you to help yourself.