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3D Visual Configuration

Configure custom products in 3D on any device with DriveWorks interactive 3D visual configuration

3D Visual Configuration

Configure products in 3D on any device with DriveWorks interactive 3D Preview

Import 3D Geometry

Import existing 3D geometry from .stl, .obj, .gtlf, .gtlb, .iam, .ipt, .par, .psm and .asm formats.

Interactive 3D

Shorten your sales cycle by communicating complex designs easily using interactive 3D.

Immersive VR

View products and layouts using immersiveVirtual Reality (VR).

Explore DriveWorks technology with interactive online demos

3D Features

Configure custom products in 3D on any device, anywhere

Visual Scene Editor

Setup and manage DriveWorks 3D using the powerful visual scene editor.

  • Manage the structure of your 3D scene by adding and removing Nodes
  • Control the content in your 3D document using Property rules
  • Quickly add powerful functionality, such as lights, cameras and replacements with Entities

Replace Models

All or any part of a 3D model can be replaced with any other 3D model.

  • Swap in components with Replace Models
  • Dynamically create new 3D models using SOLIDWORKS in real-time
  • Build complex 3D scenes with fast initial load times

Interactive 3D

Communicate complex product details easily with interactive 3D.

  • Add motion with Pan and Rotate
  • Control rotation using the gyroscope input from mobile devices using the Orientation Entity
  • Quickly change the size of models using Scale Models

Materials and Textures

Use Appearances to apply color and texture to 3D models.

  • Change the appearance of components with Remap Appearance
  • Textures can also be scaled, rotated, and panned to fit the model exactly
  • Enhance realism usingBump and Specular maps

Custom Lighting

Use lighting to enhance realism, focus user attention and guide selections.

  • Choose from directional, spot and point lights
  • Granular control of light color, intensity and falloff
  • Set environment and skybox lighting


View models from multiple angles using cameras and apply effects to increase realism and focus user attention.

  • Multiple cameras can be added to a 3D scene
  • Add realism with Ambient Occlusion, Bloom,Vignette and Depth of Field effects
  • Focus user attention with camera rotation, zoom and pan limits

DriveWorks Technology

Take a look under the hood at the other powerful technology inside DriveWorks software to learn how you can build a solution that suits your business needs.