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Built-in reporting and diagnostic tools make DriveWorks simple to set up and easy to maintain

DriveWorks Reporting

Real time feedback and complete audit trails


Help and diagnostic tools give feedback as you set up forms, build rules and run your DriveWorks projects.


Validate your project, diagnose potential issues and analyse rule efficiency.


Reporting the status of files, documents and data created by DriveWorks provides a detailed audit trail.

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Reporting Features

Reporting and diagnostics make DriveWorks even easier to set up and use

Model Insight

Step through every action that will be automatically taken by DriveWorks to generate models and drawings.

  • See the exact order in which dimensions, features, custom properties etc. are processed
  • See the time it takes to execute each operation
  • See why an operation is not giving you the results you expect


Use reportsto check on the status of a specification at every stage of the workflow andall actions performed during model generation.

  • Description, time taken and status of all actions are logged in reports
  • Quickly check status with green, amber and red highlighting
  • Powerful filtering makes reading reports simple

Rule Profiler

Analyze the performance of every rule and function used. View achronological log of events, identify any functions that are slowing down your project and optimize your project.

  • Check the duration of each event to examine your project performance
  • Identify functions that are slowing down your project anddrill down to see all instances
  • See which rules are used the most and analyze formulas

Specification Test Mode

Specification Test Mode allows all rules and data to be analyzed when running your project.

  • Check which captured models will be generated and theparameters to be driven
  • Analyze your rules to ensure they evaluate correctly
  • Preview documents andanalyze the parameters being driven

Rule Diagnostics

Help and diagnostic tools make building rules and validating results easy.

  • The values tab shows any variables and control properties that are being used in the rule, along with their current values, and the current result of the rule
  • The steps tab shows the steps DriveWorks has taken to evaluate the rule, along with the value at each step
  • The drill-down tab expands the rule at each stage, providing further information about all rules used

DriveWorks Technology

Take a look under the hood at the other powerful technology inside DriveWorks software to learn how you can build a solution that suits your business needs.