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Automatically generate custom product data and associated documentation for engineering, manufacturing and sales. 

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Automating design automation

As you continue to automate more of your design processes, you can dedicate the extra time and resources to increasing capacity and offering more custom products to more people.

Whether you decide to keep your design automation projects internal to your business, for your engineers and sales teams only, or extend the benefits of design automation to your distributors, dealers, and customers, the modular design of DriveWorks software gives you the flexibility and choice.

With DriveWorks taking care of all the upfront automation, you can focus on winning more business. With more sales comes more demand for 3D models, 2D drawings, BOMs, and sales quotes, tying up your CAD workstations and your engineers when they could be doing other productive work – improving product quality, developing new products, or researching new market opportunities. To solve this problem, DriveWorks has created an innovative solution – DriveWorks Autopilot – a hands-free design automation engine that runs unattended on a dedicated workstation or server, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to automatically generate custom products and documentation for engineering, manufacturing, and sales.

Automatically generate documents and data

Automatically generate custom documents and data for sales and manufacturing, send emails and process tasks in the background.

Visualize custom product configurations in 3D

Generate 3D model data for viewing configured products in a web browser with DriveWorks Live.

Automatically create documents

Provides instant quotes for sales and frees up engineers to focus on other productive work.

Send notifications

Send emails to notify users when jobs are complete, or require attention or further work.

We’ve increased our order rate by approximately 90%

Gary Shackleford – Heat & Sensor Technology

Key features

Streamlining design automation

When DriveWorks and SOLIDWORKS® are working together to generate custom 3D models and 2D drawings, your time is used more efficiently and the benefits of design automation become clear.

Products configured in-house using DriveWorks Administrator or DriveWorks User, or over the web using DriveWorks Live, are queued by DriveWorks Pro Server until a SOLIDWORKS CAD workstation becomes free and an engineer can set aside some time to run the waiting design automation jobs. As your business continues to grow, you may find that this becomes a full-time job or causes unnecessary bottlenecks.

This is when you need DriveWorks Autopilot – to process the job queue immediately, generate all the documents you need for engineering, manufacturing, and sales, and notify you by email when specific jobs are complete.

Specification Flow

Since every project in DriveWorks is controlled from a central location using DriveWorks Administrator, you have full control over the creation and routing of a custom design specification.

It may not always be possible to automate all of your products 100% – some human interaction may be required to complete a particularly challenging design, check document outputs, or send a design for approval.

The Specification Flow feature in DriveWorks is perfect for these situations. When a certain task is complete or a certain condition met, your Specification Flow can instruct DriveWorks Autopilot to take corrective action, notify your engineers, or email quotes and other documents to sales.

Scalable to meet your business needs

DriveWorks was engineered from the ground up to be modular, flexible, and scalable, making it easy to expand your design automation and sales configurator projects at any time.

As the demand grows for configuring your products online, you can add extra licenses of DriveWorks Live and DriveWorks Autopilot when you need them, and impress your customers with an interactive website where they can quickly configure custom products, with 3D previews and instant pricing.

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