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Using DriveWorks For Business Process Automation

Many businesses have already started investing in their digital transformation journey.

According to the 2019 Automation Survey, 73% of respondents have already deployed technology to automate their business tasks and processes, with another 20% planning to deploy automation technology within the next 12 to 18 months.

The survey found Workflow Automation Software, Business Process Management Software and Robotic Process Automation are the top types of automation being introduced.

Business Process Automation

Through automation, complex business processes are being made smarter.

Business Process Automation (BPA) is enabling businesses to become more streamlined, using information and data to manage routine processes and reduce costs, increase productivity and improve efficiency.

By using technology to automate key business processes, organisations are driving a positive change and already being rewarded.

Advances in artificial intelligence, software robotics, machine learning, and innovative technology platforms enable businesses to redefine processes, with automation expected to provide a significant opportunity for improvements in performance and efficiency in the workplace. 

Using DriveWorks for Business Process Automation

Digital manufacturing requires data to flow through a business. DriveWorks is an important part of that process.

Using DriveWorks software, companies can quickly and easily display configured products online, in 3D, and generate accurate quotes and sales documentation.

What is particularly innovative about our software is that it also automates the creation of all the downstream manufacturing drawings and production data too. Production can begin as soon as an order is placed, and customers then benefit from shorter lead times.

BKW Instruments Ltd

DriveWorks customer BKW Instruments have successfully integrated DriveWorks software in to their business proccesses and are already seeing the benefits.

Using DriveWorks as a web-based platform allows BKW to interact with their SYSPRO ERP system securely from any device, anywhere in the UK. The application they developed with DriveWorks software enables them to organise and speed up everyday business processes and tasks.


“Our DriveWorks system greatly benefits our customers as it enables our internal sales team to log enquiries and produce quotes quickly and efficiently. This leads to a faster order turnaround and a quicker delivery of products, whilst providing exceptional customer service and maintaining our professional appearance.”

Adam Baker, Operations and IT Manager at BKW Instruments, presenting at DriveWorks World 2018.

Industrial Magnetics

Industrial Magnetics is an industry leader in permanent magnets and electromagnets for work holding, lifting, fixturing, conveying and magnetic separation.

Industrial Magnetics Inc.'s logo

Already using SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software, IMI wanted to take an integrated approach to improve operations, with tools to accelerate product development, reduce the cost of custom designs and orders, enhance product quality and provide fast responses to customer requests.

A picture of industrial grade magnetics drawn using DriveWorks.

With DriveWorks at the core, the company has integrated its CRM and ERP system, creating a centralized platform to support day-to-day operations.

As a result of the integration of DriveWorks and SOLIDWORKS with the company’s ERP system, IMI cut the task of creating a Bill of Materials down to a single click from within SOLIDWORKS.

A step that used to take up to four minutes and was conducted by all eight engineers multiple times per day is now auotmated and requires no manual intervention.

“Everyone in the process stream — customers, sales, engineering and manufacturing — can now see the same information. DriveWorks serves as the interface to all our business systems, tools, models, terminology and users.”

– David Dewey, Engineer with Industrial Magnetics.

This is the fifth blog in our new digital transformation series. Each week we will be sharing our insights about the importance of embracing digital transformation and automation. Keep reading to learn more!

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