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BKW Instruments Increase Productivity By 100% Using DriveWorks Pro

BKW Instruments are a four generation, family run company based in Manchester, UK. They provide several types of equipment linked to pressure, temperature, level, flow, valves and analytical instrumentation solutions or services to several industries in the UK.

They were looking for a software solution that would help them to meet the following business objectives:

1. To quote and despatch instrumentation within 24 hours.
2. To design, assemble, test, fill, calibrate and despatch within 3-5 days.
3. To automatically replenish stock within a set of parameters based on stock turn.

At DriveWorks World 2018, we were joined by BKW’s Operations and IT Manager, Adam Baker, who told us more about their DriveWorks project.

Integrating DriveWorks with ERP Systems

“We use DriveWorks as a web based platform that allows our company to interact with our SYSPRO ERP system securely from any device, anywhere in the UK. The application we’ve developed enables us to organise and speed up every day business processes and tasks.

These include:
• Logging enquiries and orders.
• Creating quotes and following up with them.
• Approving stock re-orders.
• Retrieving information related to a job or sales order.
• Sending invoices automatically.
• Logging incidents, IT support tickets and returns.
• Ordering our Friday breakfast!”

Saving Time and Increasing Productivity

“With DriveWorks, we have met all of our business objectives, resulting in significant time savings and increased productivity.

At BKW, our people are our most valuable asset and all of our internal team use DriveWorks. It’s very easy when training employees to use the system as it only takes a matter of days.

Sales enquiries are logged and entered into the system within 30 minutes. This process used to take around 3 hours to complete. Our internal sales team also create quotes twice as fast as before, resulting in a 100% increase in productivity!

We now design, assemble test, fill, calibrate and despatch a range of core products, such as Diaphragm Seal Assemblies and Differential Pressure Transmitters, within 5 days, a process which used to take 3—5 weeks to complete. Stock items can now be shipped in 24 hours and all quick stock is automatically re-ordered by utilising workflow for approval.”

Providing Exceptional Customer Service

“Our DriveWorks system greatly benefits our customers as it enables our internal sales team to log enquiries and produce quotes quickly and efficiently. This leads to a faster order turnaround and a quicker delivery of products, whilst providing exceptional customer service and maintaining our professional appearance.”

Creating Custom Bespoke Software

“For us, the most important thing about DriveWorks is the ability to create custom bespoke software utilising visual wizards rather than heavy coding.

This allows our company to build and customize the application we’ve created quickly and easily. We now have more time to focus on our workflow and business analytics rather than programming heavy code.” explains Adam.

Adam Baker, Operations and IT Manager at BKW Instruments, presenting at DriveWorks World 2018.