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More Space for Learning at DriveWorks HQ

As the DriveWorks team and community grow, our space onsite at DriveWorks HQ is growing too

2023 marks 22 years of continuous innovation and automation at DriveWorks. We have a strong track record of adding to our design automation and configurator capabilities year after year, by listening to customers and anticipating market needs.

This continuous development and growth means our team keeps growing too. Not only have we extended our team across the world, with new team members joining us from the US and New Zealand, but we’ve extended our space on site at DriveWorks HQ too.

We now have more space to offer more learning opportunities at DriveWorks HQ.

Whilst you might recognise the famous Barley Store, you’ve probably never seen the view of the other side of the pond. You will be seeing a lot more of it now as we’ve expanded the DriveWorks offices across the courtyard, with 5 new spaces in a new building. This opens up more opportunities for the DriveWorks team to have more room to learn and collaborate and do what we all do best here at DriveWorks – innovate. We’re constantly evolving our software for it to be the best it can be for our community of users.

We’ve also got more space to host training classes. We’ve moved our training room to a bigger space in this new building, meaning we can invite even more of our valued resellers to visit us and receive training in our brand-new training facility.

Maria Sarkar, VP & Co-founder, DriveWorks

”We’ve put thought into all our spaces and as the team has grown, we’ve been sure to add different types of spaces too. Spaces for creativity, communication, and collaboration have always been important, and so too are the spaces for contemplation, re-energizing, and learning”.

”I’m super excited that our very latest spaces include a great training suite, with an adjacent recreation area and project room. And we’ve already got bookings going into August. There’s huge value in having our resellers join us on-site. We can involve members from all our teams too. We love the fact that it’s often the conversations at lunchtime and in the evenings that also make the difference and build long-lasting relationships.”

Brand-New Training Suite

Common goals, collaboration, and shared knowledge have all contributed to making DriveWorks the leading design automation and sales configurator choice for manufacturing companies across more than 50 countries.

The DriveWorks user and reseller communities continue to expand at pace, and we are pleased to have a brand new training suite for our valued resellers to benefit from when they visit us here at DriveWorks HQ.

Members of the DriveWorks team have already had the experience of training in our new suite, and have commented on the new space:

”The new training area gives such a nice feel to the new addition to our site at DriveWorks. It’ll be a great place to invite external visitors and show them how proud and committed we are to making a great space for them too.”

Ready To Welcome Our Valued Resellers

At DriveWorks World 2023, we invited all of our resellers to get in touch and book some time to visit DriveWorks HQ. We love seeing members of our community in person and encourage DriveWorks reseller teams to visit us, spend time with our team and see where DriveWorks software is developed, right here in Warrington, UK.

We provide training on all areas of DriveWorks, to help our resellers learn how best to sell, support and train on DriveWorks software and advanced sessions to help our resellers keep their knowledge up to date and learn how to help their customers get the most from their software.

We already have many of our resellers booked to visit us in the upcoming months. If you’re a DriveWorks reseller and you would like to visit, see our new spaces and spend time learning from our team, get in touch to arrange a visit. Email us at sales@driveworks.co.uk

Creating a Great Space for Our Team

The new buildings provide additional spaces for our team too – whether that be spaces to collaborate on projects, learn new skills or just somewhere to eat and socialise at lunch time.

We’ve also introduced what we like to call ‘The Quiet Carriage’ – inspired by trains. This is a space where members of our team can go when they would like somewhere quiet to concentrate. Depending on what you’re working on, it can be good to have a little quiet concentration time, and this dedicated space onsite means it’s easy for our teams to take this time when needed.

One of the new spaces has been turned into a new meeting space. We’ve installed some video conferencing technology to help us stay connected with our team in other parts of the world, and with our extended community too.

New Project & Demo Space

Our new buildings are also home to our new project and demo space. It’s a fully dedicated demo suite that showcases DriveWorks technology on different devices. We’ve set up a full technology rig with touchscreens, tablets, AR, and VR amongst other things.

It makes for a great space to demonstrate what our software can do to our visitors. More importantly, we also use it to test, develop, discuss and collaborate on DriveWorks software and our demos and resources. The project space is also set up with workstations so our team can collaborate on projects across departments with access to a range of technologies.

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