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How Different Industries Use DriveWorks

DriveWorks is used by manufacturing companies from a range of industries.

Because DriveWorks is modular, scalable, and incredibly versatile, our customers use DriveWorks in many different ways, building design automation, product configurator, and CPQ solutions to suit their needs.


Rapid technological advancements drive the HVAC industry to continually update products, balancing innovation and cost-effectiveness. DriveWorks enables this by providing HVAC manufactureres with software to create CPQ tools for their sales teams, freeing up engineering resources for higher-value tasks wtih design automation, and enabling them to seamlessly integrate new technologies into HVAC systems.

Additionally, DriveWorks enables agile manufacturing to navigate supply chain disruptions and addresses skilled labor shortages by automating repetitive tasks, allowing teams to focus on strategic development.

In mature and saturated markets, HVAC manufacturers must differentiate their products. DriveWorks CPQ for Manufacturing enables customizable product ranges, helping sales teams to quickly configure and showcase unique value propositions. DriveWorks also builds consumer education by calculating real-time pricing, visualizing configurations, and explaining the benefits of energy-efficient and technologically advanced HVAC systems. DriveWorks rules-based technology also ensures regulatory compliance and helps in managing seasonal demand fluctuations, enabling HVAC companies to adapt efficiently to market changes.

Learn how HW Ventilation has achieved 10x faster design times using DriveWorks Solo.


Customization in architectural components presents challenges for production efficiency, as each order is unique. DriveWorks CPQ streamlines this process by enabling manufacturers to create configurable design templates. Engineers define rules guiding customization, ensuring standardized and automated design processes, leading to improved production efficiency.

Fluctuations in material costs and availability impact production costs and design accuracy. DriveWorks integrates real-time data to monitor these fluctuations, automating the quotation process and adjusting pricing accordingly. This dynamic pricing model maintains profit margins and adapts to market changes, ensuring accurate and competitive pricing.

Maintaining consistent quality and regulatory compliance is critical in the architectural components industry. DriveWorks ensures design consistency using standardized rules and embeds quality control checks within the automation process.

In an industry with long sales cycles and intense competition, DriveWorks accelerates the sales cycle by providing quick and accurate quotes and designs. Automation of design and quoting processes enables quick responses to customer inquiries, significantly shortening sales cycles. DriveWorks also enables optimized pricing strategies, factoring in real-time variables to maintain competitiveness and profitability.

Learn how markilux reduced their design time by 90% from 4 hours to just 20 minutes using DriveWorks.


Manufacturing materials handling equipment involves intricate processes, particularly with advanced technologies like robotics and automation, posing efficiency challenges. DriveWorks addresses this by enabling manufacturers to automate design processes, enforce standards, and ensure high-quality control through consistent application of rules and specifications.

Supply chain disruptions can impact production for materials handling equipment manufacturers, leading to delays and increased costs. DriveWorks enables agile design changes, allowing quick adaptation to disruptions without extensive manual reengineering.

Customization demands are rising, requiring equipment that can be easily adapted without significant cost or time increases. DriveWorks CPQ solutions enable the creation of configurable product models, empowering customers to customize equipment within predefined parameters.

Meeting environmental regulations adds complexity to production, requiring efficient use of materials and energy. DriveWorks rules-based technology enables environmental regulations to be incorporated into the design process, ensuring compliance and helping manufacturers meet sustainability goals.

Communicating complex features of customized materials handling solutions to customers is challenging. DriveWorks 3D visual configurators help with visual communication, enabling quick adaptation to changing customer expectations and integrating new features into customized configurations.

Learn how Rademaker have reduced engineering time to 15 minutes and increased quality using DriveWorks.


Trailer and truck manufacturers face challenges in meeting each customer’s unique specifications, complicating the manufacturing process and impacting quality standards. DriveWorks helps with this by enabling configurable designs and dynamic rules to tailor trucks and trailers to individual customer requirements without compromising quality or consistency.

Inefficient material use can drive up costs, especially for specialized features requiring unique materials. DriveWorks optimizes material selection through rules-based processes, reducing waste and controlling costs. It also automates the creation of detailed Bill of Materials (BOMs), streamlining procurement and resource planning.

Safety compliance is crucial in assembling trucks and trailers, requiring compliance with numerous regulations. DriveWorks rules-based technology enables the integration of safety standards into the design process and automates the creation of compliance documentation, simplifying compliance with safety guidelines and facilitating audits and inspections.

Efficiency and productivity are key to success in a competitive market. DriveWorks streamlines manufacturing processes by automating SOLIDWORKS drawings and enables quick turnaround for quotes and proposals through CPQ solutions, enabling manufacturers to deliver customized vehicles faster and with greater accuracy.

Learn how Knapheide are automating CAD tasks and keeping up with demand using DriveWorks.

Customer Stories

DriveWorks is easy to set up and manage, enabling manufacturers to build a solution that suits their needs, with the flexibility to add modules and license types as and when they are needed.

DriveWorks software used by companies from a wide range of industries. Learn more about using DriveWorks and what our customers have achieved.