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See Where DriveWorks Software is Made: A Tour of Our HQ

Take a tour around our home at DriveWorks HQ

We’re constantly evolving our software for it to be the best it can be for our community of users. This includes updating the space where DriveWorks is made!

2023 marks 22 years of continuous innovation and automation at DriveWorks. We have a strong track record of adding to our design automation and configurator capabilities year after year, by listening to customers and anticipating market needs. Part of the evolution of our software includes the growth of the space at DriveWorks HQ.

We’re proud to call DriveWorks HQ our home. Our offices are warm and welcoming, with spaces that foster collaboration and innovation. You will probably recognise the Barley Store, a 250-year-old barn with high ceilings and woodworm scarred beams, but have you seen our other offices at Laskey Farm?

We’ve continuously invested in spaces and technology to help our team of brilliant people thrive.

Take a look around DriveWorks HQ, where our team collaborate to provide best-in-class software and resources.

A picture of two DriveWorks team members wearing VR headsets.

Investing in collaboration at DriveWorks

At DriveWorks, we’re committed to creating a great space for our team to develop, support and continuously improve our software. We’ve set up dedicated spaces for research and development. Our new project and demo space is a dedicated suite showcasing DriveWorks technology on different devices. We’ve set up a full technology rig with touchscreens, tablets, AR, and VR amongst other things. It makes for a great space to demonstrate what our software can do to our visitors. More importantly, we also use it to test, develop, discuss, and collaborate on DriveWorks software and our demos and resources.

The project space is also set up with workstations so our team can collaborate on projects across departments, with access to a range of technologies.

Our offices provide areas to work together, learn new skills, or just somewhere to eat and socialize at lunchtime.

More space for training and learning

Common goals, collaboration, and shared knowledge have all contributed to making DriveWorks the leading design automation and sales configurator choice for manufacturing companies across more than 50 countries.

The DriveWorks user and reseller communities continue to expand at pace, and we are pleased to have a new training suite for our valued resellers. At DriveWorks World 2023, we invited all of our resellers to book a visit to DriveWorks HQ to spend time working with and learning from our team. We provide training on all areas of DriveWorks, to help our resellers learn how best to sell, support and train on DriveWorks software.

We’ve already had visits from many of our resellers, and when the training room isn’t being used by our resellers, it’s also an ideal space for our team to learn together too. We’ve brought our team together for training sessions and to complete certifications.

A picture of DriveWorks resellers in front of The Barley Store.

If you’re a DriveWorks reseller and you would like to visit, see our new spaces, and spend time learning from our team, get in touch to arrange a visit.

Email us at

A picture of the new DriveWorks HQ training suite with desks and monitors.
A picture of the newest DriveWorks HQ meeting room.
A picture of tablets and VR headset attached to the new project/demo space.

“We’ve put thought into all our spaces and as the team has grown, we’ve been sure to add different types of spaces too. Spaces for creativity, communication, and collaboration have always been important, and so too are the spaces for contemplation, re-energizing, and learning”

Maria Sarkar, VP & Co-Founder, DriveWorks

Why does Warrington make a great home for DriveWorks HQ?

For us, our location is incredibly important. We’re based close to Manchester and Liverpool airports and the major motorways that connect the UK (M6/M62/M56). You can get almost anywhere in the UK from Warrington. It’s arguably one of the most well-connected towns in the country. Our location makes it easy for our visitors from far and wide to find us.

We also support our local community and are proud members of Cheshire & Warrington Growth Hub, Warrington Business Exchange, and supporters of the Cheshire & Warrington Pledge.

We understand the importance of coming together as a business community to collaborate, creating a better connected, more cohesive, and stronger economy in Warrington.

A picture of The Barley Store building at DriveWorks HQ.
DriveWorks team member, Ollie in the on-site recording studio

Learning resources created by the DriveWorks Team

As well as providing spaces for our team to work together and innovate, we’ve also created dedicated spaces for content creation.

We’ve invested in equipment to improve the quality of the content we create and given our technical experts access to a studio that is always set up and ready for recording. It makes it quicker and easier for them to create learning resources and share their knowledge with our community.

Access the learning resources created by our team in the MyDriveWorks Community and see our upcoming events and webinars. If you don’t have an account, it’s quick, easy and free to create one.