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Configure, Design & Sell Custom Products with DriveWorks CPQ for Manufacturing

Configure, Design & Sell Custom Products in Record Time

The ability to configure, price, and quote easily isessential for manufacturing companies of all sizes and across all industries to cost-effectively offerconfigurable products.

A configure, price, quote (CPQ) solution helps manufacturers meet the increasing demand for custom products, faster and with greater accuracy, to gain a competitive edge.

DriveWorks software enables you to build and manage your own custom configure, price, and quote solution.

CPQ solutions are built on rules, workflow, and user interface, and typically need to integrate with other company systems.

These core technologies and capabilities have underpinned DriveWorks since it was first introduced to design-to-order and engineer-to-order companies using SOLIDWORKS 3D design software in 2001.

CPQ Powered by Industry-leading Rules-based Automation

A picture of the DriveWorks logo with in the centre of a process circle, with the text ''Configure, Price, Quote, Manufacture, Deliver''.

DriveWorks goes further than traditional CPQ solutions.

DriveWorks software is proven and extends the power of a CPQ solution, with industry-leading automation features. Save time and boost product quality by automatically creating accurate SOLIDWORKS manufacturing parts, assemblies, and drawings as well as order-specific sales and account information for your CRM system.

This rules-based approach ensures greater accuracy. Custom orders can go straight from customer inquiry right through to the shop floor, without time-consuming design changes and rework.

DriveWorks configurator software enables businesses to set up a configurable 3D CPQ solution that engineering and sales teams can use. DriveWorks software makes it easy for manufacturing companies to reap the benefits of guided selling and CPQ, quickly.

Seamless Links Between Customers, Sales and Engineering

CPQ solutions enhance customer understanding and shorten sales cycles by communicating design details with interactive 3D visualizations.

Dealers, distributors and internal sales teams configure the ideal solution every time with DriveWorks intelligent rules-based guided selling and validation, eliminating errors and expensive, time-consuming design changes. Real-time pricing updates ensure accurate quotes are generated.

DriveWorks integrates seamlessly with other company systems to reduce bottlenecks, cut costs, optimise processes and ensure accuracy. Improving communication between departments and keeping everyone up to date and in the loop is key.

DriveWorks CPQ enables manufacturers to respond quickly, improve processes and exceed customer expectations, giving them a competitive advantage to sell more and increase profitability with less rework and time consuming changes.

A graphic with 3 benefits of CPQ for manufacturing: Save Time, Reduce Errors and Sell More.

Control Permissions, Users and Processes

A graphic that shows a workflow chart with ticks.

Customizable workflows in DriveWorks give complete control over what tasks are completed, by who and when.

Dynamically adding, editing or even restricting user access is easy. Administrators can apply security settings to decide which users or teams have permission to perform specific actions in the workflow, such as configuring products, approving designs and sending data to manufacturing.

Documents and data are automatically created at the right time, with control over when tasks are processed.

Relevant users are notified at each stage of the workflow and given the files and data they need to execute their tasks.

Because DriveWorks is a rules based solution, even the UI can be customized to suit the user. For example, you can set up different views for sales, different views for engineering and different views for CPQ administration.

How are manufacturers using DriveWorks CPQ for Manufacturing?

A graphic explaning some of the benefits DriveWors customer, WEATHER GUARD is experiencing: "What I knew of DriveWorks was that it was a CAD automation system. But, once we started exploring the product, it became very obvious that it could do much more'', WEATHER GUARDSs DriveWorks configurator allows them to directly interact with end-users, Configurators create referrals for distributors and help them visually sell WEATHER GUARDSs van products more effectively, The company is relying on DriveWorks to increase completed configurations, boost distributor referrals and drive sales.

WEATHER GUARD, a WernerCo brand, is an industry leader in truck and van storage equipment, including truck boxes, drawer units, shelving, cabinets, and racks for trucks, vans, and utility vehicles.

Since implementing DriveWorks, WEATHER GUARD has achieved a number of goals:

  • Generating more revenue than ever before.
  • Allow stakeholders to know exactly how much revenue is coming through the configurator to measure ROI.
  • Dramatically reduced their engineering time, saving at least one full day of labor per configurator request received.
  • Achieve longevity, and ease of use while bringing an intuitive and engaging experience to end users.

Read more about WEATHER GUARD’s success with DriveWorks here.

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DriveWorks is versatile, fully customizable and easy to use so you can build a CPQ configurator that suits your needs and your products.

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