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DriveWorks Solo Certification

Take your knowledge further with the free DriveWorks Solo Certification. Available to anyone with a DriveWorks Solo license, including the 30-day trial.

Available to Anyone with SOLIDWORKS and DriveWorks Solo

Previously reserved for DriveWorks resellers, the new DriveWorks Solo Certification is now available to anyone with SOLIDWORKS and a DriveWorks Solo license, including the 30-day trial.

Build Knowledge & Skills

Strengthen your DriveWorks Solo skills and push your DriveWorks projects further.

Available to Anyone

The DriveWorks Solo certification is available 24/7 in the DriveWorks Community.

Validate Skills

Show employers you have the skills to save time, eliminate errors and innovate more.

DriveWorks Solo Certification Steps

The DriveWorks Solo certification is a 3 hour timed exam with questions covering multiple aspects of DriveWorks Solo functionality. The certification is free to take and can be completed by anyone with a DriveWorks Solo licence, including the 30-day free trial


Log in to the DriveWorks Community

If you dont have an account, its quick and easy to create one.


DriveWorks Solo Training

If you havent already had DriveWorks Solo training, go through the training manual and lessons first.


Exam & Instant Results

Pass the timed exam and get your CDWS certificate to prove your achievement.

DriveWorks Solo Resources

Learning resources to help you succeed with DriveWorks Solo

Getting Started Webinar

The DriveWorks Solo Getting Started Webinar is a step-by-step guide taking you through the first steps to automating with DriveWorks Solo. Held on the first and third Wednesday of every month.

How to Videos

Watch our DriveWorks Solo how-to video clips to learn how to capture parameters in your SOLIDWORKS model, create great looking forms for entering your design specifications and build rules to generate new variations automatically.

Online Training

Take yourself through the DriveWorks Solo training, download the training files, go through the tutorial and watch the video for each lesson, or sign up for our monthly online training sessions.

Sample Projects

Download DriveWorks Solo sample projects to see how design automation can be applied. Each one is set up and ready to run inside SOLIDWORKS. Use the projects to build up your knowledge and get inspiration for your own projects.

Online Help File

A complete online help file to help you help yourself. Includes best modelling practices for automating SOLIDWORKS, using rules in your project, designing your input forms and much more. Use the search facility to find answers fast.

30 Day Free Trial

Download DriveWorks Solo free of charge for 30 days. Get a head start with a 30-day full feature trial and access to all of our learning resources.