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Why DriveWorks?- What Our Customers Say About Our Software

Customer Success Stories

DriveWorks is used by manufacturing companies from a range of industries.
DriveWorks is modular, scalable, and incredibly versatile so our customers use DriveWorks in many different ways, customizing their Design Automation and CPQ solutions to suit their needs.
We’re always interested to hear the different ways our customers use the software we’re proud of, regularly posting customer case studies on our blog.

Here’s what some of our customers have to say about us.

An F.H Brundle residential balcony.

“Thanks to DriveWorks, we provide quotes and drawings for each custom order, at no extra cost. Customers can get a quote anytime they want it, 24/7/365. With every order, customers receive everything they need. We are building customer loyalty, increasing sales and avoiding mistakes.”

– Richard Twiddy, Design Office Manager, F.H.Brundle 

Two factory workers carrying a Eurobond Doors door.

“For us, the most important thing about DriveWorks is our improved efficiency and reduced costly data entry errors ”

– Anthony Coombes, Design Manager, Eurobond Doors

A Laing O'Rourke bridge

“DriveWorks has allowed us to automate the routine processes that we undertake day in and day out, with traditional bridge design. This automatic creation of models and drawings rapidly improves the turnaround time to reach sign-off on designs and makes all downstream benefits possible”

– Dr Scott McGovern, Digital Engineering Lead, Laing O’Rourke

A Shotton Group commercial lift.

“For us, the most important thing about DriveWorks is that it helps us to drive consistency and maintain control of our engineering data.

Using DriveWorks, we’ve reduced the amount of time taken to complete forms from half a day to only 30 minutes.

– Martin Clenick, Engineering Manager, Shotton Group 

Blue Giant hand pallet truck inside factory.

“We use DriveWorks for quoting and approval drawings for almost 160 teams and 530 users. We also use DriveWorks for production part component generation for various product lines and a whole bunch of other great stuff!”

– Christopher Zona, Manager – Systems Automation, Blue Giant

MicroStep's MG CNC cutting machine.

“Before DriveWorks, generating a layout for a customer used to take us up to 2 weeks. This time has now been reduced to just 30 minutes”

– Matej Sedlack, DriveWorks Specialist, MicroStep

HW Ventilation fan propeller.

“Our design process using DriveWorks Solo is 10 times faster than our previous manual process. Our engineers also don’t have to waste time making drawings, and instead can focus their time on more rewarding projects.”

– Matteo Morlacci, Engineer & Main DriveWorks Administrator, HW Ventilation

WEATHERGUARD truck box inside truck.

“What I knew of DriveWorks was that it was a CAD automation system. But, once we started exploring the product, it became very obvious that it could do much more. The speed of DriveWorks is critical because it enables distributors to get a lead within minutes and allows us to see when the prospect was contracted, quoted and closed. ”

– Pete Robinson, Manager of Engineering Systems, WernerCo

Alitex glazed garden structure.

“Thanks to DriveWorks, we have cut down design time from 40 hours to 20 hours, improving the customer experience to help enhance their decision making process.”

– Elliot Dean, Designer, Alitex Ltd

P L Custom ambulance.

“In its current state, DriveWorks outputs 245 files, 60 of which are assemblies, 85 are drawings and the rest are parts files. With DriveWorks handling repetitive tasks, our engineers are freed up to focus on customized aspects of our designs, such as the internal cabinets of the vehicle.”

– Shawn Casebolt, Engineering Lead, PL Custom Body.

Fresno Valves and Castings valve on a lock.

“Our order volume has increased so much since adding DriveWorks that our engineering team has more than doubled to handle the amount of requests we receive!”

– Sukhbir Singh, Mechanical Engineering Manager, Fresno Valves & Castings

A Winder Power distribution transformer.

“Merging projects further and adding additional functionality is a continuous process for us now, and I estimate we add additional functionality at least every couple of months. We are also currently looking into what benefits DriveWorks Pro can offer different departments outside of engineering.”

– Luke Beeson, Mechanical Design Engineer, Winder Power

WEG Energia gas turbine generator.

“With DriveWorks we can create all drawings and manufacturing data within one day. Using SOLIDWORKS alone this process used to take three to four days.”

– Carlos Jose Bastos Grillo, Engineering Manager, WEG Energia

Industrial Magnetics magnetic in factory.

“Customers can now see exactly what was configured and what they will receive, long before engineering has to sink the time in to generate a complete model with full production details.”

– David Dewey, Engineer, Industrial Magnetics 

A van that contains a Carrosserie Cazaux HVAC system inside.

“DriveWorks is interactive and fun to use, more flexible, and benefits from the excel syntax in the rules builder. The most important thing about implementing DriveWorks Solo has been the speed in getting our products into production

– Guillaume Guerin, Design Engineer, Carrosserie Cazaux

markilux patio awning

“DriveWorks is very reliable and robust. Now I never have the feeling that I’ve forgotten something.”

“We can completely document the entire development process of a new markilux design awning”

– Alexander Metten & Daniel Becks, Designers at markilux GmbH

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