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What’s On at DriveWorks World 2023: Reseller Sessions

DriveWorks World is our annual technical training event for DriveWorks users.

This year’s event is virtual and tickets are free for all DriveWorks customers with an active subscription, resellers, and authorized DriveWorks partners.

The focus of DriveWorks World is always on sharing knowledge, technical know-how, and handy tips & tricks.

This is a unique, once a year opportunity to learn from our team. This year there are more learning opportunities than ever before, with sessions for all reseller teams, including technical, order-admin, sales, marketing and more.

Find out more below about the sessions available to you as a DriveWorks Value-Added Reseller.

Live Sessions

Tuesday, 21st March – Reseller Preview

Broadcasting live 2pm-5pm GMT
This preview is an opportunity for resellers from around the world to spend valuable time with the DriveWorks team and hear the latest news and updates from us.

Well be sharing tips, tricks, and resources to help you train and support your DriveWorks customers.
There will be sessions for all reseller teams technical, order-admin, sales, marketing, and more.

Don’t forget you can also invite your prospect customers to join us at 3pm GMT for ‘An Introduction to Using DriveWorks for Automating Your SOLIDWORKS速 Designs’. They can register as normal at

Wednesday 22nd & Thursday 23rd March – Technical Sessions for All

Broadcasting live 1pm-8.30pm GMT
DriveWorks Customers with Active Subscription, Resellers and Partners are invited to join us on both days. We are presenting whats new in DriveWorks 21, holding technical panel discussions, running through how projects are built and answering your questions live.

Weve also invited some of our customers to share how theyre using DriveWorks, to share tips, ideas and things theyve learnt along the way.

Wednesday’s livestream topics include:

  • Implementation
  • Automating CAD
  • Workflow
  • Rules

Thursday’s livestream topics include:

  • Documents & Integration
  • Deployment/Reporting & Diagnostics
  • Forms & UI
  • 3D

On-Demand Sessions

Alongside the live broadcast at DriveWorks World 2023, there will also be over 100 on-demand technical learning sessions.
These sessions cover a variety of DriveWorks topics, at different skill levels. You don’t need to watch them all, you can select the sessions that are relevant to you and your learning.
These on-demand sessions will be available throughout the three days, so you can watch them even when were not broadcasting live. They will also remain available after the event so you dont need to rush through them.

There are reseller-specific on-demand sessions as well as technical on-demand sessions for everyone to learn more about DriveWorks software.

On-Demand Technical Learning Sessions

The on-demand technical learning sessions will be available to all customers with active subscription, resellers and partners. They are a great way to learn directly from our team about how best to use and support our software. For you as a DriveWorks reseller these sessions are the ideal way to add to your technical knowledge. These sessions will cover:

  • ‘New To’ sessions – an introduction to each of our core technologies
  • 10+ sessions on Deployment
  • 3+ sessions on DriveWorks Live
  • 20+ Automating CAD sessions
  • 10+ Workflow sessions
  • 8+ Implementation sessions
  • 4+ Reporting & Diagnostic sessions
  • 5+ sessions on Rules
  • 20+ sessions on 3D
  • 15+ sessions on Forms & UI
  • 15 sessions on Integration

Reseller Specific On-Demand Sessions

Technical Focused Sessions
These sessions will cover the resources available to help you learn about DriveWorks software, and to help you demo and support DriveWorks software. We’ll cover the modules that make up DriveWorks Pro, how to use, our downloadable example projects, how get technical training, how to get certified, top tips for implementation and many more.

Sales Focused Sessions
Find out more about the best ways to demo DriveWorks, find the right solution for your customers and learn about the resources we make available to make selling DriveWorks as easy as possible for you. We’ll cover resources such as, our demo guide, case studies and other forms and documents. We’ll share information about learning opportunities, the DriveWorks Solo 30 Day Free Trial and DriveWorks Subscription.

Marketing Focused Sessions
Learn about the content and resources we create to help you promote DriveWorks software and share useful information with your DriveWorks customers. We’ll show the resources in the MyDriveWorks Community, including the monthly reseller marketing campaigns we create, customer case studies and other content. We’ll share information about our events and our tips for marketing DriveWorks.

Order-Admin Focused Sessions
Hear from our Operations and Subscription Management Team about our processes and resources for submitting DriveWorks purchase orders, managing DriveWorks licensing, DriveWorks Subscription, supporting your customers and more. Pick up tips, tricks and best practices and learn about what resources and support are available to you, your team and your customers.

DriveWorks Marketing Manager, Jessica Taylor

Jessica Taylor

Marketing Manager, DriveWorks

Our Team’s Perspective on DriveWorks World 2023

“DriveWorks World is a great opportunity to bring all of our resellers and customers together. This year there are even more opportunities to learn for everyone, but especially for our resellers. We’re hosting an exclusive reseller preview on the first day of the event and there are sessions for all teams. Every team at DriveWorks has created at least one on-demand session for resellers – sharing knowledge and insights to help you on a range of topics including subscription, marketing, generating leads, managing tech support, and many more.”

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