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What’s IS new?…. It’s a really good question and especially valid from people that have used DriveWorks prior to our latest release. The new release is availablefor registered users on support to download from the DriveWorks Customer Portal.License codes for DriveWorks 7 are independent of codes for DriveWorks 6 so that customers in production can install DriveWorks 7 and familiarize themselves with the new interface and new features BEFORE migrating their 6 projects to 7.

So what is NEW?… Well for starters in DriveWorks 7 we haveused new software for creatingHELP andthe answer to What’s NEW in DriveWorks Pro is documented in the HELP file….. so if you have7 installed simply grab a coffee and delve into the HELP file


Alternativelydosign up for one of our Webinars

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