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What’s New in DriveWorks 12

DriveWorks 12 includes some great new features and enhancements.

Delegates at DriveWorks World 2015 were the first to see the new features and enhancements in DriveWorks 12. The release caused a lot of excitement in the room and online as our CEO, Glen Smith, presented ‘What’s New in DriveWorks 12’.

DriveWorks 12 includes enhancements and new features aimed at making DriveWorks Pro easier and more obvious to use.

Adding new capabilities helps our customers to create a great online experience for their users and customers, as well as enhancing the design automation experience.

From Thursday, 9th April, our experienced Tech Team showcased What’s New in DriveWorks 12 as part of a 3 part Tech Team Thursday online Webinar series.

If you missed it, those Webinars are now available to download and watch from the DriveWorks Community.

Watchall 3 Webinars so you know What’s New in DriveWorks Pro, to make the most of the software and enhance your DriveWorks projects.

The Online Help Files have information on What’s New in DriveWorks 12:

What’s New in DriveWorks Solo

What’s New in DriveWorks Pro

You can find out more about the release of DriveWorks 12 on our blog, including information on downloading the software from the DriveWorks Community.

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