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Whale Tankers Excitement at DriveWorks HQ

A Visit from a Tanker Designed Using SOLIDWORKS and DriveWorks.

Any time we see a product created using SOLIDWORKS and DriveWorks it’s exciting, but when one pulled up outside DriveWorks HQ this morning, we all gathered at the window and couldn’t resist the photo opportunity!

The driver of the tanker was very confused when we asked if we could take some photos, he definitely isn’t used to that sort of reception! When we explained thatWhale Tankers were our first ever DriveWorks customer over 14 years ago, and they are still using DriveWorks software now, he realised why we were so excited.

The driver even said that Whale Tankers are the best tankers around – and that makes us very proud!

A visit from Whale Tankers
Whale Tankers