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Welcoming & Nurturing New Talent at DriveWorks

Recruiting Interns, Developing Talent

At DriveWorks, we have always valued the importance of providing opportunities for young people and investing in them to support the future of digital technologies.

We have encouraged students to work with us to gain experience and learn what it is like working for a constantly evolving technology company, whilst nurturing their development and taking on bright, fresh ideas that will help drive our innovation and the future.

Our interns are the latest cohort to face the challenge of university throughout the impact of covid-19 and we are making sure they are getting as many opportunities to work and interact, and to learn from each other as possible. Whether they are in the systems team, technical team, or development team, they have all received their DriveWorkstraining and we are delighted that they have now passed their Solo and Pro certifications.

Introducing Our Interns










We have invested in promising interns across several of our departments, and all are doing extremely well. They have shown great initiative and problem-solving skills. We hope that throughout their internship at DriveWorks, they gain valuable skills and an understanding of what it is like to work in a thriving software company.

Our Interns are DriveWorks Solo and Pro Certified

Going through DriveWorks software training is an essential part of starting to work here. Getting Solo and Pro Certified is important for members of our team, so they understand our software and know how best to support our customers and resellers, as well as bring new ideas for our software.

We are delighted that all our interns are certified in both DriveWorks Solo and Pro and will be an integral part of influencing the future of our software and providing technical support.

A picture of a group of DriveWorks interns from the 2022/23 cohort.

Get Together Morning

We recently brought all of our new starters together to get to know each other and learn more about each other’s roles within the company.

The Get Together morning includes team building and fun activities for our latest recruits. The session was important not only as part of the onboarding process but because as mentioned earlier, our interns have spent the majority of their university career feeling the effects of the pandemic, with limited opportunities to interact with their peers.

Enabling this interaction and encouraging them to get to know each other across different teams brought back a sense of normality, and instilled the collaborative environment we have here at DriveWorks.