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Transforming Manufacturing With Advanced Visual Selling

Visual 3D product configurators are revolutionizing how custom products are bought and sold. They enable sales teams to easily configure custom products and make it easier for buyers to self-serve customized products online.

Manufacturers of custom products are increasingly turning to advanced visualization selling tools to empower their sales teams and increase sales.

What is Advanced Visual Selling?

Advanced visual selling is the process of creating visual representations of products, typically through interactive 3D configurators. Visual selling tools enable users to manipulate various product parameters, such as size, color, features, and materials, to create custom configurations tailored to their specific needs. When used as part of a visual CPQ solution, advanced visual selling is a powerful tool that can help drive sales and streamline the manufacturing process for customized products.

How 3D Product Configurators Enhance Visual Selling

A 3D product configurator is an interactive digital tool that allows sales teams and customers to customize and visualize products in 3D directly on a website.

3D product configurators equip sales teams with guided-selling tools, making it easier for them to sell complex custom products. They can also form part of an effective e-commerce strategy enabling B2B customers to self-serve custom products.

Unlike static images, 3D configurators enable users to rotate, zoom, and change various product features in real-time. This technology is particularly useful for manufacturers of products that are complex, or when customization is key.

Benefits of Advanced Visual Selling for Manufacturers

Increased Sales

By enabling customers to visualize and customize products to their exact specifications, manufacturers can appeal to a wider audience and upsell premium features or configurations. This can increase sales volume and average sales values.

Improved customer satisfaction

Advanced visual selling provides visual product representations that make it easier for sales teams to communicate complex custom designs to customers, enabling a clearer understanding of the finished product and reducing misinterpretations.

Reduced Errors

By empowering customers to configure products accurately upfront, manufacturers using advanced visual selling can minimize errors and rework in the production process, saving valuable time and resources.

Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Opportunities

By visually presenting customers with configurable options, sales teams can easily identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities based on customers’ preferences and requirements.

Shorter Sales Cycle

The ability to confidently configure complex products in real-time streamlines the sales cycle and improves lead-to-sale conversion rates, as customers are more likely to proceed with a purchase when they can visualize the final product up front.

Advanced Visual Selling with DriveWorks Technology

Implementing DriveWorks has enabled F.H.Brundle to simplify quoting, improve accuracy and deliver superior customer service.

Using DriveWorks technology, F.H. Brundle built Liveconfigurator™, an online 3D product configurator for their internal teams, distributors and customers. Customers can configure custom balustrades anytime, anywhere, and receive order-specific sales documents, parts lists, and technical drawings within minutes.

If you’re a manufacturer who wants to increase sales of custom products and streamline your customization processes, take a look at our recent blog to learn more about how 3D product configurators can transform your business.