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A Guide To 3D Product Configurators

Manufacturers of custom products face the challenge of meeting increasingly demanding consumer needs and expectations. To stay competitive, providing an interactive and personalized B2B purchasing experience is key. One of the most innovative tools for achieving this is the 3D product configurator.

If you’re a manufacturer who wants to increase sales of custom products and streamline your customization processes, this guide will show you how 3D product configurators can transform your business.

Increase In B2B Online Sales

As an increasing number of B2B customers want to buy online, the ability to offer interactive product visualization via a 3D product configurator becomes increasingly valuable.

71% of buyers are willing to spend more than $50,000 in a single transaction using a remote or self-service model

2/3rds of B2B customers intentionally reach for digital or remote in-person engagement when given a choice

59% of B2B sellers lost sales because their site experience wasnt personalized sufficiently for their buyers

What Is A 3D Product Configurator?

A 3D product configurator is an interactive digital tool that allows sales teams and customers to customize and visualize products in three dimensions directly on a website.

3D product configurators equip sales teams with guided-selling tools, making it easier for them to sell complex custom products.

Unlike static images, 3D configurators enable users to rotate, zoom, and change various product features in real-time. This technology is particularly useful for manufacturers of custom products where personalization is key.

Benefits for Manufacturers of Custom Products

Enhanced Customer Experience

As an increasing number of B2B customers want to buy online, the ability to deliver a superior customer buying experience becomes crucial. Offering a 3D configurator significantly enhances the customer experience. Buyers can visualize their customizations in real-time, giving them confidence in their choices and reducing the guesswork associated with custom orders.

Increased Sales Conversion Rates

By equipping sales teams with guided selling tools and enabling customers to see exactly what they are purchasing, 3D configurators can lead to higher sales conversion rates. The ability to visualize the final product reduces hesitation and increases the likelihood of completing a purchase. This can directly impact your sales and bottom line.

Reduced Return Rates

One of the biggest challenges in custom manufacturing is the high rate of returns as a result of unmet customer expectations. A 3D product configurator provides a clear and accurate representation of the final product, helping to align customer expectations with reality. This transparency can significantly reduce return rates, saving your business time and resources.

Streamlined Production Process

3D configurators can also streamline your quoting and production process with the automatic creation of order-specific sales and manufacturing documents. This reduces errors and ensures that each product is made to the exact customer requirements. This not only improves production accuracy but also speeds up the manufacturing process.

Key Features To Look For

Real-Time Rendering

The configurator should offer real-time rendering, enabling sales people and customers to see changes instantly as they adjust colors, materials, and other features. This immediacy keeps customers engaged and provides an enhanced purchasing experience.

User-Friendly Interface

A user-friendly interface is essential. Customers should be able to navigate the configurator easily without having to follow complicated instructions. An intuitive design ensures that users can focus on customizing their products rather than working out how to use the configurator.

Mobile Compatibility

As an increasing number of B2B sales are made online, ensuring that your 3D configurator is mobile-friendly is crucial. Responsive design that adapts to various screen sizes ensures that customers can customize products on any device, anywhere.

Integration Capabilities

The configurator should integrate smoothly with your existing e-commerce and manufacturing systems. Seamless integration is important for maintaining effective workflows and maximizing the business benefits of implementing your product configurator.

Learn More About DriveWorks 3D Product Configurators

Manufacturers using DriveWorks configurators are embracing digital transformation to improve customer experiences and make selling custom products quicker, easier and more profitable.

Find out more by joining us at our next DriveWorks configurator webinar or try our technology for yourself with our DriveWorks configurator examples.

Introduction to Using DriveWorks as a 3D Sales Configurator

18th June 2024 @ 3pm BST and 1pm AEST

Our ‘Introduction to’ webinar series is a great way to learn about the key concepts of DriveWorks. In this one, our product experts will share their knowledge and give you an introduction to DriveWorks 3D sales configurators.

Explore DriveWorks Configurators

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Our product configurator examples are a great way to see whats possible with DriveWorks, in a range of scenarios and industries.Anyone can use the online configurators, created using DriveWorks software.