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The Synergy of DriveWorks Design Automation and CPQ for Manufacturing

Businesses are adopting intelligent automation technology to benefit from increased productivity, cost reduction, improved accuracy, and better customer experience.

Two-thirds of businesses that adopt intelligent automation technology experience positive outcomes for improvements in quality control, customer satisfaction, and employee experience, in addition to reduced operating expenses. In a recent survey by Deloitte, organizations that have adopted intelligent automation report an average reduction in costs of 32%.

DriveWorks Design Automation and CPQ for Manufacturing – The Ultimate Digital Bridge

As manufacturing companies increasingly need to deliver custom products quickly and accurately to meet customer demands, the synergy of DriveWorks design automation and CPQ for Manufacturing provides a range of benefits.

DriveWorks best-in-class SOLIDWORKS 速 automation and CPQ for Manufacturing technology builds the ultimate digital bridge between design, sales, and production. By automating repetitive design tasks and streamlining the product configuration process, DriveWorks technology enables businesses to increase sales, accelerate time-to-market, and minimize errors.

Empower Sales Teams with Rules-Based Guided Selling

For sales teams, having access to real-time product information and pricing is crucial for closing deals effectively and hitting sales targets.

DriveWorks CPQ technology provides sales representatives with 3D product configurators that enable them to configure products on mobile and tablet devices and generate accurate quotes instantly, and submit orders straight to a design team. Rules-based guided selling ensures that every product option available is manufacturable.

Streamline Design and Engineering Processes

Design and engineering teams benefit significantly from DriveWorks’ design automation capabilities. By automating repetitive design tasks and setting design rules, DriveWorks ensures consistency and accuracy across product configurations.

DriveWorks’ integration with SOLIDWORKS enables design teams to work seamlessly within familiar design engineering environments. This streamlined process frees up time for design and engineering teams to focus on innovation and product development.

Enhance Production Efficiency

From design approval to production scheduling, DriveWorks technology enables smooth dialogue and clear communication between departments and company data, optimizing production efficiency.

By providing production teams with accurate Bills of Materials (BOMs) and manufacturing specifications, DriveWorks technology minimizes errors and reduces lead times.

Drive Innovation and Competitiveness

By serving as a digital bridge between sales, design, and production teams, DriveWorks enables manufacturing companies to drive innovation and remain competitive.

Through streamlined communication and collaboration, DriveWorks enables cross-functional teams to work together towards common goals, building a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.

How are DriveWorks Customers Benefitting from the Synergy of DriveWorks Design Automation and CPQ for Manufacturing?

Dolphin Solutions, based in the UK, design and supply a range of products and accessories for commercial washrooms. Before implementing DriveWorks technology, Dolphin Solution’s order process was lengthy and time-consuming with each individual bespoke mirror unit, along with all the associated production files, designed manually from scratch using SOLIDWORKS. This involved a lot of complicated dialogue between the sales team who handle the initial request and the design team.

By implementing DriveWorks design automation and CPQ for Manufacturing, Dolphin Solutions has transformed their sales process, allowing sales teams to guide customers through product options and submit orders straight to the design team. Errors have been significantly reduced using rules-based guided selling that ensures that every product option available is manufacturable.

“The days and weeks are cut down to minutes and hours, because our customers are finding their final design much quicker. They can see all their options and the drawings are generated automatically.

Robert Allen Product Design Engineer at Dolphin Solutions

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