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Tech Talks New Series

Take Your DriveWorks Implementation to the Next Level with Our New Series of Tech Talks

Are you ready to take your DriveWorks implementation to the next level?

Don’t miss our new Tech Talks series, where our DriveWorks experts will share valuable insights to help you make enhancements to different aspects of your implementation.

Tech Talks – Next Level Series

Tech Talks sessions put a focus on DriveWorks technology, taking a deep dive into specific topics. Our experts share their knowledge and discuss a variety of topics, features and functionality. Each session includes a live Q&A so you can get your questions answered.

The sessions are designed to empower DriveWorks users with in-depth knowledge and practical insights.

This series of Tech Talks focuses on taking your DriveWorks Implementation to the Next Level.

The first webinar in the series will focus on the importance and advantages of establishing distinct environments for development, testing, and production.

January 2024:
Tech Talks – Next Level Setting Up and Using Development, Testing and Production Environments

In the January Tech Talk, our experts will explain the benefits of setting up and using Development, Testing and Production Environments.

Join the DriveWorks team to find out how setting up multiple DriveWorks environments can improve your DriveWorks implementation and take it to the next level.

What Well Cover in the January Tech Talk

During this one-hour session, the DriveWorks team will cover the following key topics:

Understanding a DriveWorks Implementation:

    • Take a deep dive into what makes a robust DriveWorks implementation.
    • Find out the key elements that enable efficient and scalable processes.

Benefits of Multiple Environments:

    • Explore the advantages of having dedicated Development, Testing, and Production Environments.
    • Learn how this approach can streamline workflows, enhance collaboration, and mitigate risks in your DriveWorks projects.

Data Migration Strategies:

    • Discover how data can seamlessly move between different DriveWorks environments.
    • Get practical tips on maintaining consistency and reliability when transitioning from development to testing and finally to production.

Behind-the-Scenes: Our DriveWorks Implementations:

    • Get a unique perspective as our experts share real-world examples of how we manage DriveWorks implementations internally.
    • Uncover best practices and strategies that can be applied to optimize your own DriveWorks projects.

Next Level: Setting Up and Using Development, Testing and Production Environments

Thursday, 18th January | 3pm 4pm (GMT)

This webinar is exclusively for DriveWorks Pro Customers with Subscription, DriveWorks Resellers and Authorised Partners.

The webinar will be hosted via GoToWebinar, click below to register and join us.

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