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SolidWorks Roll Out Events

October is a busy month for DriveWorks, we’ll be at a total of 12 SolidWorks Roll Out Events.

The events begin tomorrow with a DriveWorks team attending the first of many CADTEK SolidWorks Roll Out Events. This one will be in Haydock, UK. It will be followed by more CADTEK events in Doncaster and Newcastle this week.

Next week there will be more CADTEK events in Wokingham, Bristol and Southampton, a SOLIDSOLUTIONS event in Huddersfield and CAD2M‘s roll out event in Arnhem, Netherlands.

The third week of October will see us visiting CADTEK events in Coventry, Seven Oaks and Huntingdon and NTCADCAM‘s SolidWorks Roll Out Event, Dare2Design in Gaydon.

Throughout October there will also be some DriveWorks booths at the SolidXperts‘ SolidWorks Roll Out Events in Canada.

We can’t attend all of our reseller’s SolidWorks Roll Out Events but we do support them all, find the full list of SolidWorks Roll Out Events here.

The DriveWorks website has a full list of theSolidWorks Roll Out Events we will be attending, including dates and information on how to sign up.

Don’t forget, we are also planning our own annual event, DriveWorks World 2015. You can find out more and register to attend at

SolidWorks Roll Out Event
SolidWorks Roll Out Event
SolidWorks Roll Out Event
SolidWorks Roll Out Event
SolidWorks Roll Out Event