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SOLIDWORKS Largest User Group Meeting Ever

The Boston Area North & Central Massachusetts SOLIDWORKS User Groups invite you to join SLUGME: The ‘SOLIDWORKS Largest User Group Meeting Ever!’

7th December 2016

Holiday Inn Boxborough
242 Adams Place
Boxborough, MA 01719

“What is this SLUGME thing that everyone has been talking about? The answer is simple SLUGME is the SOLIDWORKS Largest User Group Meeting Ever.

I am sure you are thinking Isnt SOLIDWORKS World the Largest User Group Meeting?You are 100% correct, and this brings us to the beginnings of SLUGME . . .

Shortly after SOLIDWORKS World 2016, I was tuning into a fantastic webinar, missing many of my friends from the conference, and I thought What if we could all hang out in a webinar setting?

I really wanted a user group leader to give the presentation, and Tom Cote was the first one that came to mind. After seeing his incredible presentation on Large Assembly at SOLIDWORKS World, I knew he would be a perfect fit.

Luckily, Tom agreed to join me on this adventure, and it has been gaining momentum ever since. With the help of user group leaders from all over the world, my crazy dream is becoming a reality!

On Wednesday, 7th December 2016 we will host the largest user group meeting ever and so far we have anywhere from 30-35 user groups that are planning to participate!

If you have half as much fun attending SLUGME as I had putting it all together, this just means that I still had twice as much fun as you! But who am I?

I am Todd Blacksher, and I am extremely enthusiastic about all things user group related. I am the founder and president of the SOLIDWORKS User Group of Nebraska (SwugOne), and I am the SOLIDWORKS User Group Network Representative for the Southern United States.

I forgot the most important part… I was the 2016 DriveWorks User Group Leader of the Year!

What’s on the Agenda?

5:15pm 6:00pm Eat, mingle, network
6:00pm 6:15pm Business and Introductions
6:15pm 6:30pm Remarks by Special Surprise Guests
6:30pm 7:30pm Mythbusters Simulation Tribute:

Join Andrew Barnes and Michael Kalin as they pay tribute to the end of a scientific legacy with their own version of Mythbusters, using SOLIDWORKS Simulation. Theyll conduct experiments, verify theories in simulation, and confirm or bust a several engineering myths. Get ready for the most fun youll ever have with Simulation!

7:30pm 8:00pm Break & Networking
8:00pm 9:00pm Large Assembly Best Practices (live-streamed to dozens of User Groups)

Tom will review his presentation from SOLIDWORKS 2016 and discuss how to get your large models to perform more efficiently, which features and options have a negative &/or positive impact on performance, and some new 2017 features to enhance your large assembly modeling experience.

9:00pm 9:15pm Q&A, wrap-up, prize drawings, next meeting info

Registration is open! Sign up now to secure your place.

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