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SolidWorks Hidden features – DriveWorksXpress

Recently bought a copy of SolidWorks or thinking about it?

Then you might not realise it but every seat of SolidWorks comes with a free add in that will make your model creation even easier.

DriveWorksXpress, which can be found in your SolidWorks Tools menu,is ideal for same but different designs, it allows you to capture parts, properties, features, dimensions or even whole models and then automate the creation of new variations.


With some simple rules applied to your SolidWorks master model, DriveWorksXpress can create new assemblies, parts or drawings with the click of a button. DriveWorksXpress can help you reduce the amount of repetitive design tasks that you undertake and importantly can help you to create new models accurately and quickly.

Rolmaster conveyors in Canada create conveying solutions of all shapes and sizes, so using DriveWorksXpress is a perfect match for them. Before they used DriveWorksXpress, making new variations would take up to 45 minutes, it now takes just 20 seconds and they can create an unlimited number of different variations so that their customers can get precisely what they want in the quickest time possible. Something which gives them a competitive edge.

If you want to learn more about DriveWorksXpress please visit the YouTube channel or our website where you will find an easy to follow guide to setting up your DriveWorksXpress project.

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