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SolidWorks 2015 Annual Release

SolidWorks 2015 is now out. What does that mean for DriveWorks?

DriveWorks Supports SolidWorks 2015

That means we’ve done lots of additional testing to ensure that DriveWorks software still runs smoothly within and alongside SolidWorks. We have run thousands of tests using DriveWorks 11.2 with SolidWorks 2015.

In addition to physical testing for each new release, we run many automated tests too. – We are an automation company after all! We run tests for every new release and service pack of DriveWorks, for every service pack (Including alpha, beta and pre-release) of SolidWorks and combinations of operating system.

Here are some Metrics from our SolidWorks 2015 testing

  • 64407 tests in total
  • Over 8 different machines
  • Creating 87856 files


  • 22332 SolidWorks files
  • 12967 dxf files
  • 33430 image files

The SolidWorks files are all automatically analysed and compared to known values, and the dxf and image files are all compared automatically to standards that were previously created and manually verified.

  • Over 42 Gb of data was automatically created
SolidWorks 2015

So what’s new in SolidWorks 2015?

There are 200 new enhancements in SolidWorks 2015. Here are some of the top user-requested features and enhancements included in SolidWorks 2015:

Improve Everyday Productivity

– Focus on design, not modelling with new features that reduce geometry creation steps.

– Simulate multiple design scenarios

– Quickly evaluate the effects of various load combinations on a model and track results.

Optimize Work Processes

– Collaborative sharing – by easily accessing social collaboration and online data management tools, users benefit from faster development and quicker decision making.

– SolidWorks Treehouse – top-down design is facilitated by visually creating assemblies, enabling product structures to be managed from the beginning of design projects.

Reduce Operations Costs

– SolidWorks model based definition – a new offering to help improve communication between design and manufacturing teams by enabling them to communicate product and manufacturing information (PMI) in 3D.

– Integrated inspection – the process of creating documentation is simplified, allowing users to quickly set up and compare baseline data to production parts for quality control.

Solve More Design Challenges

– Enhance product aesthetics and usability – creating asymmetrical fillets for parts, assemblies and surfaces gives users in the high tech, medical and consumer products industries increased flexibility to model more ergonomic and stylized designs.

Find out more on the SolidWorks 2015 Inspiring Innovation Site.

SolidWorks 2015
SolidWorks 2015
SolidWorks 2015
SolidWorks 2015
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