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Show and Tell at DriveWorks

We haven’t blogged about our Show & Tells for over month!

Although we haven’t blogged about it for a while, we have still been having weekly Show & Tells every Friday at DriveWorks HQ.

We often blog photos of the Show & Tell presenters and tell you a little bit about their presentation.

But what is it like from the perspective of the presenter?

Matt Collins was on placement here at DriveWorks for 15 months. He’s recently had to go back to University (sadly for us, but good luck Matt!). On his last day, Matt did a Show & Tell all about his placement here at DriveWorks, telling us about what he’s learnt and how his placement will help him with his studies.

Matt felt this was the perfect opportunity for a selfie! Here it is:

There we are, the DriveWorks team, a very attentive audience.

Our last placement student, John, goes back to university tomorrow. A huge thank you from everyone at DriveWorks to John and all of the students who have now gone back to University, good luck to you all!