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DriveWorks Live Example – Picture Frame

This DriveWorks Live demo is a great example of DriveWorks being used as a Sales Configurator. It allows the user to specify the size of their frame, the style the colour and the mount. It even lets the user change the picture in the frame.

Changes can be made to theframe sizes and optionsand DriveWorks quickly provides graphical feedback to help you see what the configured frame and mount will look like. Supportingsales documents are also quickly created by DriveWorks: Quotation, Cutting List, Frame Image, 3D Model, 2D Drawing

Thisexample projectis very simple to run through, here are the short few steps:

  1. Visit the www.driveworkslive.comdemo site.
  2. Select the black square that says ‘fixed width example’ and log in
  3. Select the picture frame option.
  4. Nowenter somecustomer information, select a currencyfor your frame to be priced in.
  5. Then its time to configure your frame.
  6. Choose: size of frame, mount style/colour, frame style/colour, extras. You can even change the image in the frame by using the slider on the right hand side of the frame.
  7. Be sure to enter your email address and you will be sent a link to view the sales and manufacturing documents.

When I configured my perfect frame:

Picture frame

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