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QBuild Join the DriveWorks Partner Program

We are really pleased to announce that QBuild have joined the DriveWorks Partner Program.

QBuild are the most recent partners to join the DriveWorks Solutions Partner Program. As specialists in the field of linking CAD and ERP systems they have completedtheir first DriveWorks integration and we can now announce that they are Authorized DriveWorks Partners.

Since 2002 QBuild have been working in the CAD/ERP market and they bring to the partner program years of experience and good results. Their first DriveWorks integration allows the transfer of information such as Bill of Materials (BOMs) and sales orders direct to your ERP system.

QBuild told us We offer the highest quality of engineering design software integrated with over 12 different Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Our goal is to help DriveWorks users streamline their processes, allowing theirengineers to work more efficiently, and to minimise redundancy

An Overview

CADLink allows engineers to create Item Master and BOM records identical to engineering CAD data with the click of a button. The direct integration reduces manual data entry and clerical errors. Production benefits from drawing information identical to work order documentation.

Increase the speed of data flow from sales to engineering, procurement, and manufacturing.

Streamlining the entire product development process by integrating your CAD system and your ERP solution gives you the edge in thecompetitive market. This eliminates all the burdens you face from having disparate systems, allowing engineers to focus on the designs and innovation.

Keeping your ERP engineering data accurate and synchronized with your engineering drawings and models is critical.

With CADLink, you will see significant improvements in production speed, on-time shipments, and accuracy of ERP engineering data with reductions in engineering cost, scrapped parts, and shop floor confusions.

For more information about how QBuildcan enhance your experience with DriveWorks and save more of your engineering time either call +1 905 479 7811or visit