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Origin and DriveWorks

Automating the design of custom windows and doors using DriveWorks.

This month we’re focusing on the Architectural Components industry and the benefits of using design automation and sales configurator software in the industry.

Origin are using SOLIDWORKS and DriveWorks to design and manufacture custom windows and doors.

Origin are the UK’s leading specialist manufacturer of bespoke, doors, windows and blinds.

Founded back in 2001, the ‘3 man band’ family business has since grown to become a global company, with offices in the USA, Middle East and Europe.

Origin are using SOLIDWORKS to help them develop their products in a timely manner and to speed up the design and manufacturing process.

Origin began using DriveWorks as they were repeating their modelling techniques within SOLIDWORKS time and time again, a task that could be quickly automated by DriveWorks.

Using DriveWorks has eliminated the need for Originto go through a design process for each rule set. With the click of a few buttons, all the required documents are generated automatically and sent straight down to the workshop.

origin frames 3

The success of Origin is a great example of how a small company can harness the power of technology and become a successful global brand.

By using DriveWorks to automate your existing SOLIDWORKS models, you’ll save valuable time that can then be spent working on other projects. DriveWorks also streamlines the order process by automatically generating all the documents required.

Watch the full case study video, from Cadtek, a UK DriveWorks Reseller, hereto learn more about Origin’s journey with SOLIDWORKS and DriveWorks.

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