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Novameta Accelerate Their Project Finish Time with DriveWorks Pro

Novameta are working faster and more accurately with DriveWorks Pro.

Based in Lithuania, Novameta are a manufacturer of customized stainless steel equipment for professional kitchens. The company was founded in 1997 and now exports to more than 25 markets worldwide. Novameta mainly produce non-standard equipment, specific to customer requirements.

Video by SOLIDWORKS and DriveWorks Reseller, IN RE, based in Lithuania

Implementation of SOLIDWORKS & DriveWorks Software

Novameta has 45 SOLIDWORKS licenses, 75 PDM licenses, and 10 DriveWorks licenses.

Novameta explains using DriveWorks software with SOLIDWORKS helps them to be better to their customers. It benefits their design engineers and is helping their sales teams understand the capabilities and limits when dealing with custom orders and enquiries.

Working Faster & More Accurately with DriveWorks Software

Using DriveWorks not only helps to avoid mistakes, but also speeds up work processes by reducing the number of repetitive tasks.

Justas Šimuliūnas, Design Engineer at Novameta explains “As a configurator, we chose DriveWorks because of the integration of this solution with SOLIDWORKS, because it is our main design tool”.

“This solution, first of all, helps us to better serve our customers. We can work faster, we can work more efficiently – which also affects the potential prices for customers. We can create much more complex projects.”

Novameta CEO, Mindaugas Jonuškis

Automating the Mundane

Novameta uses DriveWorks to design and automate the design of configurable products without needing to re-create models and drawings for each configuration. Users can easily select variable sizes and details in the model, and the program will generate drawings, specifications, quantities of materials and parts for production.

Automated Document Generation

Novameta are able to generate technical drawings and files for the production department. This allows employees to enter the necessary data into the configurator and submit them straight to the production department quickly, and with all the required information included.

The Future

Novameta’s main goal for the future is to delve even deeper into using DriveWorks software. The CEO of the company, Mindaugas Jonuškis, states: “DriveWorks will help us increase the efficiency and speed of the business, as a result of which we will be able to deliver products to our customers faster.”

Novameta want to extend the capabilities of DriveWorks to beyond their design and sales teams. They are considering creating a configurator, to enable their customers to begin customizing products themselves.

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