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New DriveWorks Solo Sample Project – Hydraulic Cylinders

Got your free 30 Day DriveWorks Solo trial?

Then why not give one of our brand new DriveWorks Solo Sample projects a try. These completed projects give you the chance to use a completed DriveWorks Solo project and all the extra functionality that you get.

One of the features afforded to you in this project is the ability to control multiple sets of models in one project. What this means is that you can create rules for several different related models in one project allowing customers/ salespeople to create variations on a product in the same project.

DriveWorks solo also gives you a far more advanced form editor with the ability to control the fonts and colours in the project as well as using features such as list boxes which give your far greater flexibility of your forms.

DriveWorks Solo also lets you create new documents based on the in built templates. This allows you to generate a cover letter and even a quotation to send out to your customers along with a drawing of their specified product.