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DriveWorks Solo Sample Project Preview – Furniture project


DriveWorks Solo sample projects are a great way to learn how DriveWorks Solo can be used in your business, giving you a complete project to experiment with. If your business makes custom furniture then our newest set of DriveWorks Solo projects might be of some use to you.

This DriveWorks project shows off DriveWorks Solo’s ability to drive advanced SolidWorks parts and features such as textures, materials and colours. This allows the project to drive entirely new variations of a cupboard with a simple drop down box.

This project also shows off some of the advanced form design features such as the dynamically changing pictures within the project, this updates to represent the users selection in the drop down menu. You will see that when the material type is changed in the form, this will atuomatically change the picture presented on the form.








Dynamic Handles

Its possible that not all your customers will have SolidWorks or eDrawings, DriveWorks Solo can generate documents in more than one file format. For example in this project, PDF’s and SLDRW files are created showing the cupboard assembly. Furthermore, each part of the assembly and its corresponding drawing can be generated to show each part of the model.



DriveWorks Solo projects also have the added ability of replacing components with a Static or Driven replacement model. In this case a static replacement models is used to change the handle type on the doors of the cupboard to match the selection on the user form. In comparison with DriveWorksXpress, this allows for far more versatility in the generation of models allowing for certain features to be replaced at the users request, without an entirely new project.




To try DriveWors Solo for 30 Days please visit and register for your 30 Day trial.

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