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Michael Jolley -TriMech – DriveWorks beyond Xpress

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For those of you who are already using DriveWorksXpress and are looking to expand your project, perhaps even wanting to put it online, then you might want to check out Michael Jolley’s breakout session at SolidWorks World 2014.

Michael Jolley Application engineer at DriveWorks Resellers TriMech has 13 years’ experience with SolidWorks and related products.

In this hour long breakout session, you will learn what more you can do DriveWorks Solo or Pro. The session will explain the benefits you will see from migrating to DriveWorks Solo, such as an advanced form designer and greater control over your SolidWorks Parts & Assemblies. This includes the ability to control multiple sets of models in a single project.

Michael will also explain how you can get your DriveWorks project online using DriveWorks Pro Administrator, Autopilot and DriveWorks Live. DriveWorks Pro not only allows for implementation of an online configurator, but also give the user the most complete DriveWorks experience, with full control over SolidWorks parts & assemblies including the ability to run macros and automatically check models in to EPDM.

To attend Michael’s presentation just make your way over to room 29A/B on Tuesday at 2:45PM.

We recommend getting there early because the sessions can get quite full!

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