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Meet The DriveWorks Support Team at Solid Solutions

At DriveWorks reseller Solid Solutions, there is a team of consultants dedicated to DriveWorks.

Meet Urs Homberger, Augustin F辰ssler and Rolf Frei, the dedicated DriveWorks team at Solid Solutions in Switzerland. They are responsible for DriveWorks Support and Training at Solid Solutions.

Urs, Augustin and Rolf will all appear in October’s edition of Solidnews, a magazine sent out to customers of Solid Solutions, planetsoftware, Solidpro and Solid Line across Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The magazine features a quote from EDAK, manufacturers of aluminium casing and a DriveWorks customer.

Thanks to DriveWorks, we can now develop new product variants without manually copying the master models. It has helped us to reduce costly errors and design time. We have benefited from being able to provide our customers with an instant visual representation of their custom product, making communication clearer and ensuring greater customer satisfaction.

If you want to learn more about DriveWorks, contact your SolidWorks reseller, or visit our website

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