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Meet Dan Wagner: Manager of the SOLIDWORKS User Group Network Part 2

Don’t Miss Part 1

Over the years we have worked with different members of the SWUGN leadership team such as Richard Doyle and Rachel York.

We are thrilled to welcome the new Manager of the SOLIDWORKS User Group Network, Dan Wagner.

Earlier this month, Heather caught up with Dan to get to know him a bit better and learn about his journey to becoming Manager of the SOLIDWORKS User Group Network.

In the first part, Heather and Dan chatted about his background, past SOLIDWORKS Worlds, and what attracted him to the role.

Read Part 1 here.

What are you looking forward to the most in this new role?

“Right now, I am really looking forward to getting in front of as many users and user group meetings as possible.

I really want to invest some time in getting to know the community from this perspective.

Since coming on board, I have been on quite a few of the virtual SWUG meetings so I have jumped right in and everyone has been very welcoming.

Long term, I am really looking forward to seeing the SOLIDWORKS User Group Network expand on a global level.

Just this morning I was on a call with a gentleman from Nigeria who is looking to establish an entire network throughout the country.

It is awesome and exciting to think about the growth potential.

In my former role, I had a small footprint, now I can make a global impact.”

What is your vision for the SWUGN Community?

“Right now, I would love to see meetings expand with respect to availability. Evening meetings may not work for everyone. There could be professional, educational, or personal obligations that do not allow people to attend evening meetings.

Supporting SOLIDWORKS user groups that want to meet at different times and using different platforms will allow for more participation.

That could mean having groups meet in multiple time slots or shift their days its really about getting and keeping users engaged.”

Do you believe there has been a shift in thinking around virtual meetings?

“In 2019, the SWUG leaders were all given access to use a networking platform called Meetup. This is an online platform that all group leaders can use to organize their online meetings as well as communicate with their members.

Additionally, all groups have a license to use GoToMeeting as a tool to host online meetings; this also allows them to record their meetings for future viewings.

As you can guess, both tools have been used quite a bit in the last 6+ months.

The more the groups get to use Meetup and the online meeting platforms, the more they are starting to see the benefits.

Over the last few months, we have seen groups start to see the benefits of joining forces and hosting meetings of multiple groups at one time.

We have also seen groups getting together in the middle of the day. The online tools are helping to shape a new way of thinking about meetings.”

DriveWorks has been a SWUGN sponsor for many years and we enjoy being part of the community. Dan, as the new Manager to the SWUGN, how would you like to see sponsors and partners contributing more to the SOLIDWORKS User Groups in the future?

“DriveWorks does a great job in their support of the SOLIDWORKS Community.

We would like to see other sponsors follow what DriveWorks does by engaging with groups, getting involved, and their overall support of SWUGN.

Down the road, I would look forward to seeing sponsors and partners all back at meetings with giveaways, conducting technical presentations, and perhaps even engaging with customers to have them tell their stories.”

Earlier this year, Dassault Systemes made the difficult decision to host 3DEXPERIENCE World as a virtual event in 2021.

How do you see SWUGN being involved in this event?

“While we are still in the planning stages for this event, the SOLIDWORKS User Group Network has proven over the last 6+ months that they can create a successful virtual presence.

SWUGN will definitely play a role in 3DEXPERIENCE World 2021.”

Dan thank you for speaking with us, congratulations on the new role and welcome aboard!

We look forward to working with you to help support the SOLIDWORKS User Group Network and growing the community together – cheers!

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