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Just Released: New DriveWorks Releases Now Available

2 New DriveWorks Releases are Now Available to Download

Download the Latest Releases Now from the MyDriveWorks Community

DriveWorks Resellers and Customers with an Active Subscription Support Contract can download DriveWorks 21 Service Pack 1 or DriveWorks 20 Service Pack 4 from the MyDriveWorks Community.

Heres what youll need to download the latest release:

  • A MyDriveWorks Community Account. Create an account if you dont have one, or reset your password if youve forgotten it.
  • Pre-Requisitescan be found in our Online Documentation.
  • DriveWorks 20 License Codes for 20 SP4 or DriveWorks 21 License Codes for 21 SP1

Resolved Issues

SOLIDWORKS 2023 SP1 and SP3 introduced issues with Linear Component Pattern Updates, and Instance-Specific Driving in Assemblies with Patterns.

SOLIDWORKS have isolated and fixed the issue with Linear Component Pattern Updates for SOLIDWORKS 2023 SP4.

We have been actively investigating the issue with Instance-Specific Driving in Assemblies with Patterns, and working closely with SOLIDWORKS to pin down the cause and work on a resolution. In doing this, we have also found a different approach that solves the problem for DriveWorks and which we can adopt independently of any change to SOLIDWORKS.

This solution is incorporated in the release of DriveWorks 21 SP1 and we have also made the decision to release an additional service pack of DriveWorks 20 DriveWorks 20 SP4. This means that this solution will also be available to customers that havent yet adopted DriveWorks 21.

Important Information

  • We have tested the updates rigorously across Windows Operating Systems and the latest versions of SOLIDWORKS to test compatibility.
  • As with any upgrade, remember to take a backup of your data!
  • The download should take no more than 30 minutes.
  • If you are working in a multi-user environment make sure you upgrade all of the DriveWorks Modules e.g. DriveWorks Administrator, Autopilot, any DriveWorks User licenses, DriveWorks Live, and DriveWorks Pro Server.
  • Make sure you have your DriveWorks 20 license keys to hand.
  • More information is available in ourOnline Help File.